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Zedge APK Ringtones and Wallpapers app, as the name suggests is the most popular and trusted application in the category of phone personalization. It allows the users to personalize the mobile devices, tablets with a large number of wallpapers, ringtones, alarms, notifications etc.

Zedge app is available for android and iOS. In this tutorial, We will help you to download Zedge app APK directly and also directs you how to use the Zedge App.


Zedge APK Download for Android

Zedge is available in Google Play Store. It has a rating of about 4.5 out of 5 by 5 million users. What I like about Zedge is, it has a countless number of wallpapers, ringtones to install. It is also free. One downside to being free is Zedge is ad supported. But I have never found the ads to be too intrusive. So I would like to recommend to you this app to check this out.You can also check muscially apk download

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Some of the setup option and settings available on Zedge will be discussed here. Once you have it downloaded on your device and installed, follow the following steps to setup Zedge app.

  • Open Zedge
  • Swipe right from the left to find a menu.
  • Menu lists items available in the app like Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers, Notifications, Icons, Widgets, Ringtones, and Games. Most of the users look into wallpapers and ringtones to customize their phone or tablet. But it is worth trying other options also.

Zedge app has a search box which enables you to find a particular wallpaper, ringtone or games etc. For example, if you type in elephant, it will retrieve results of live wallpapers, wallpapers, ringtones, notifications etc. related to the word elephant. Results with a number will be displayed on the screen.

 Zedge APK Download All Versions
Release Notes
 Zedge APK 5.20.10
Release Notes
1) New look in the Icons section.
Zedge APK 5.18.22
Release Notes
1)Beautiful new item pages.

2)Improved navigation Tap more places to find more stuff!

3) Various bug fixes and stability updates


Zedge Wallpapers Download:

If you look into the wallpapers section you will find 4 different tabs sorting the content of wallpapers section like Categories, Featured, Recent, Popular.

Categories tab lets you find wallpapers of different genre like abstract, logos, music, anime etc. You can click on any category to find wallpapers of that genre.

Featured wallpapers will be available in the featured section of the application. The wallpapers in this section are featured by the editor.

Recently added wallpapers will be available in the Recent tab. Popular wallpapers mostly viewed or liked by the users are sorted in Popular section.

Please do note that you need to be online to use this application with a working internet connection.

Search for any image or tap on any image you like. It will enter the image page. Tap on the image to preview in full-screen wallpaper mode. Tap again to exit the preview.If you like the preview, tap on the circular button to save, adjust, set wallpaper. You can save the image to the device or to the list in the Zedge app. If you tap on adjust button, the wallpaper can be cropped and previewed. You can directly set as wallpaper by tapping on Set Wallpaper. It is as simple as that to set the image as wallpaper.

Under every wallpaper, there are options to set the wallpaper as favorite, share, and rate the wallpaper.

Live wallpapers are also available with the same categories like featured, popular, recent.


There is also a section Games where you can discover various games categorized well.  Featured, Recent, Popular games can be accessed with the tabs provided.

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