YouTube URL Tricks and Tips

Youtube is the most popular media streaming website. Most of are us used to it to watch movies, trailers, music e.t.c.

Some people even make a living on youtube by providing content. To simplify and enhance your user experience, I will provide you with some tricks you can do with the video URL. Here are some of the detailed youtube URL tricks that are helpful.

YouTube Sharing Tips and Tricks with YouTube URL

Copy Video URL at the Current time:

If you want to share a certain part of the video, you can copy the link with your starting time of desired part as a current timestamp. This can be achieved done by right clicking on the video, select Copy video URL at current time.

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You can also manually edit the URL  by adding &t=YmXXs to the end of the URL of the video.

For example, if you want to play the below video 90 seconds from starting,

you can add 1m30s to the end of URL.

Alternatively, you can drop minutes and add total seconds directly

Bypass Age Restrictions

We sometimes find that videos with mature content need you to sign into Gmail account to confirm your age to watch the video. If you don’t have a Gmail account or you are lazy to sign in, you can bypass this and can watch this video.

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Consider the URL

It is an age-restricted video, you can bypass sign in by editing the URL

Delete watch?  and replace = with / to make URL look as

It will play the video in Full-Screen mode. You can also use this trick to access videos restricted on the location basis.

Loop a Video Infinitely

If you want to play a music video or any other video repeatedly, you can change the URL so that the youtube video will play repeated mode. Youtube will play the video in

For example, you can play the below video by editing the URL.

Replace youtube in the URL with youtuberepeater

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Try out the above-mentioned tricks, provide feedback in the comments section below.

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