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What have you been doing to share a youtube video liked to a friend? Copy the link in Facebook or Whatsapp? or Send with other apps by sharing from Youtube app? This process has been made simple with the introduction of the Shared feature in the YouTube app. With this Shared tab in Youtube app, one can share videos with others with in the app itself. Youtube has been experimenting this feature since last year. The feature is rolled out globally for all users. It is a new way of sharing youtube videos.

WIth Youtube Shared option, you can not only share videos with friends and family within the app but also chat about them. You can reply with another video, you can invite others to the conversations forming groups. Chat option on youtube might do some good to Google as Google Allo is not well received.

How to use Youtube Shared?

First of all, Go ahead and update the application from Play Store or App Store. You can now see all new tab dubbed Shared. Tap on the tab and on the next screen invite your contacts to the new chat feature. You can send an invitation link with your Google Contacts registered or Send invitation link to any other contact on the phone with a message. Once the receiver accepts your invitation, you are on the go to share your favorite videos.

You chat right away clicking on the contact in the shared tab. You can play videos directly on the chat interface. It is the same Youtube video player.

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How to Share Videos in Youtube App?

There are two ways to share videos with this feature.

You can add videos to the conversation using the dedicated button. You can search for the videos and tap on them to send.


Tap on the menu button (three dots) on any video and share. The feature is available for both iOS and Android Apps.

Have you tried this feature? Do share your feedback in the comments section.

Source: Youtube official blog


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