What is Windows Speech Recognition? It’s Features.

People don’t get incredible thoughts all the time when you are working in your office. It might strike your mind when you are having lunch or going for a casual walk with your pet. In such a situation, you couldn’t be able to preserve those ideas instantly as our mind is a multitasker. Irrespective of the place you are and the activity you have been executing, you must be capable enough to save your precious thoughts and ideas that are quite helpful for your growth in life. This is the ultimate benefit of voice dictation. It allows the users to record your opinions and plans in a handy manner without having to struggle much. Voice Dictation lets the users make use of some impressive accessibility features on your PC. It helps the users to convert your ideas in the form of words without typing them manually.

Speech Recognition Software renders the ability to translate thousands of words into text in an extensive range of languages in the real time. All you need to do is download the best Speech Recognition software tool on your Windows device and start placing your ideas in text format. There are a plethora of free and paid speech recognition software tools available on the web for all the users. Windows Speech Recognition is an excellent software program that offers accurate text at a great ease. Using this tool, one could easily translate their voice into text on your Windows platform. Windows Speech Recognition is the best software program available on the web that comes in support with different versions of Windows platform. Here is each and every detail about Windows Speech Recognition tool like its features, supported platforms, pros and cons of this tool. Have a glance!

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windows speech recognition

What is Windows Speech Recognition?

Windows Speech Recognition is the best voice recognition software program designed and developed by the giant software firm, Microsoft. Initially, the company has rolled out this software tool for Windows Vista platform users. This tool offers the ability to use a slew of beneficial features. It allows the users to make use of different voice commands for performing abundant operations. Some of the operations include dictation of text within different applications as well as the OS. The developers at Microsoft have designed and developed Windows Speech Recognition tool based on the Speech API.

As of now, this software tool is compatible with various versions of Windows platform such as Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. This tool is completely integrated with Windows that offers great voice recognition functionalities to its users. The users need not have to pay an additional cost for using Windows Speech Recognition. By making use of Windows Speech Recognition software, the users can easily enhance their productivity in terms of their work. This software tool shows a massive impact on the users by offering greater efficiency in converting speech to text.

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Features of Windows Speech Recognition

Here are some of the innovative features provided by Windows Speech Recognition software tool for all the users of Windows platform:

  • Windows Speech Recognition offers the ability to control a PC alongside the desktop user interface of that platform via voice commands and applications.
  • Using this tool, one could easily dictate the text within the documents and other messages.
  • Some of the functionalities that users can perform using this tool include moving the mouse cursor, ability to perform different keyboard shortcuts and much more.
  • In order to save the information regarding the voice of the user, this software tool makes use of a speech profile.
  • Based on the use of the Windows Speech Recognition tool by the user, it offers the best accuracy.
  • By continuous usage, the tool becomes familiar with the voice, grammar, speech patterns and word usage of the users.
  • There is a built-in tutorial available on this tool that enhances the accuracy in a great manner.
  • With the update of this tool for the Windows 7 and higher versions, the developers have included advanced features to deliver an incredible experience for all the users.
  • Backups of profiles and individual speech profiles are present on Windows Speech Recognition for all the users.
  • Windows Speech Recognition tool is compatible with different languages such as Chinese [Traditional and Simplified], English [UK and US], Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.
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Pros of Windows Speech Recognition

  • This tool is fully integrated and supported on Windows platform
  • The users need not have to pay extra charges for using this software tool.

Cons of Windows Speech Recognition

  • Despite offering numerous features, this tool doesn’t provide the perfect accuracy. However, by rigorous training, the users can experience the best accuracy with this tool.

This is all you need to know about Windows Speech Recognition software tool. Using this, you can easily translate your voice into text on different versions of Windows operating system.


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