Why you cannot block Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Priscilla Chan on Facebook?

Ever tried to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook? oh, you can’t block the creator and his wife. Here is the real reason behind this. Their profile cannot be blocked because in the past both their profiles have been reportedly blocked by users so many times. To stop this happening, Facebook do not let users block them.

Users block other friends or users when they don’t want to see any posts. People also unfollow or unfriend other users to stop seeing the feed from specified person.

Mark Zuckerberg post many facebook updates on his profile more frequently. He also shares news about his personal life and statements on current events going on.

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If you press Block button on Mark Zuckerberg’s profile, you will get an error saying ” You can report Pages or profiles if you think they’re doing something that goes against our Community Standards. If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.”

Mark Zuckerberg

The same applies for his wife Priscilla Chan. You cannot block them even trying for hundreds of times because Facebook decided to stop.

According to a report in The Independent,

Blocking the Facebook founder and his wife was a useful way of keeping those posts from appearing before it was banned. That ban has been in place for some years – since at least 2010 – and even led to a now-defunct website that exists only to point out that it’s impossible to block Mr. Zuckerberg.

But the company has said that they aren’t receiving any special treatment, and their posts are simply so disliked that it triggered automated systems. The site can only allow a person to be blocked a certain number of times, and once that limit is reached they can be blocked no more.

“This error isn’t specific to any one account,” a Facebook spokesperson told Gizmodo. “It’s generated when a person has been blocked a certain large number of times. In very rare instances, a viral campaign will develop instructing lots of people to all wrongly block the same person.

“The purpose of this system is to protect the experience for people targeted by these campaigns. We’re constantly working to improve our systems and are taking a closer look at this one.”

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