How to use Google IN APPS search ?

We all know one term that comes at first when said about Google is “Search”. Google search is the most popular search engine in the world. In Android, google provide Google app to search for content over the web. There is also another option to search the content in other apps installed on your android like messages, contacts, music e.t.c

For example, if you want to search a recent email sent by your friend and his contact, you can search for your friend’s name in the Google app, it will return results from all the possible applications like contacts, emails, messages, chrome history e.t.c.

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How to use Google IN APPS Search?

  • Install Google app from Playstore. Launch the Google App.
  • Enter the search term in the search bar. You can also google’s voice search.
  • On the results page, you will find a menu with items (ALL, IMAGES, NEWS, VIDEOS, BOOKS, FLIGHTS, IN APPS), swipe left on the menu until you reach IN APPS. Click on the IN APPS button.
  • You will see a list of results organized by apps. One good and powerful item recent addition is google drive. You will get the results from your drive.

Not only Google apps other apps like Facebook, Twitter e.t.c also support IN APPS search.

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You can choose which apps to allow in the settings option in Google App. Swipe from Left to the Right to find Menu. Click on Settings. Click on In apps. Select or Deselect the apps you want in the in-apps search results.






















Some of the other worth mentioning points in Google app are adding nicknames to your contacts, option to open web pages in app or external default browser, safe search e.t.c.

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Do let us know your thoughts and feedback after using the In-app search. Is it cool or so-so? Post in the comments section.


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