Top 5 Best offline Android Games


As the technology has emerged in a massive way in the current generation, people are just looking for offline mobile games. On the web, we can find a plethora of games both offline and online games. The users of Android device can get plenty of games from the Google Play Store app store marketplace absolutely for free of cost. You can find everything on this app store such as movies, games, apps, books and much more. You can get some apps for free and some for in-app purchases. Most of them prefer playing free Android games rather than paid games.Some people particularly the beginners might be unaware of the best games on Android platform. Even some frequent game players might be less cognizant about the best and most popular Android games in the current trend.

The major predicament is that people have been spending much more cost on recharging the devices with data packs. Not all people could afford to spend huge amounts on monthly data costs.  In such a situation, playing games online could become a nightmare. But, there are people who are looking forward to playing offline games. Is there any possibility? Yes, there is! The interested game adorers can play offline games on Android devices. Now, in this post, we thought of bringing some of the best Offline Android games of the year 2017. This, in turn, aids you of taking pleasure by playing them right from your Android device. Here is a huge collection of the best free Offline Android games of 2017. Take a look!!

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1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne, the popular and leading game on Android device platform designed and developed by the popular game developers Gameloft. It is the best ever racing game wherein the players can play it offline. Asphalt 8: Airborne is a free to play the game and there are some in-app purchases in the game as well. On this game, you can find bounteous cars from different popular makers, different locations so that the player has the ability to pick their preferred location to begin a race. You can also find a slew of multiplayer modes wherein you can challenge your friends and other game players via offline and enjoy the game to peaks. Besides the game play, you can also find impressive graphics with great game controls. If you are pretty interested, you can download and install Asphalt 8: Airborne game from Play Store.

asphalt-best offline android games


2. Plague, Inc

Plague is the best strategy game wherein the players need to transform the diseases and make use of them so as to demolish the entire world. In this game, you can find a total of 12 diseases. Each and every game has its own epidemic strategy and concept so that the players can acquire amazing experience as if they are playing the game in real-time. It is an absolutely free game wherein you can have in-app purchases within the game. In this game, the players need to endeavor so as to infect the population all over the world with a dangerous virus. There is a total of 12 different types of accessible virus present in Plague Inc game. This game is available to download from the Google Play Store app store.

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plague-best offline android games


3. Smash Hit

We have millions of endless runner games available on the web. But, Smash Hit game has its uniqueness for the core concept and its user interface. Smash Hit is the best runner game that lets you play with much enthusiasm and actively. Initially, this game might appear little tranquil but you completely get addicted to it for the time being. Smash Hit is another best Offline Android game of 2017 available to download for free. On this game, you can find incredible graphics that are quite stunning while playing the game. The main plot of the game is to throw the balls at the hurdles that come across your pathway in the game. Whenever the balls double up, the lives in the game will increase eventually. In this game, you can also have ads and if you want to get additional premium features on this game, you need to purchase it for a price of $1.99.

smash hit-best offline android games


4. Fighting: Shadow Fight

This is another best offline android game that lets the players enjoy to the peaks whilst playing it. In order to pass the time or kill the time, you can play this Fighting: Shadow Fight game. This game is available to download on Android device and play it offline. In order to turn out to become a great warrior, you must learn and practice a slew of moves. This game comprises of 2 action buttons such as punch or kick and directional pad. You need to get accustomed to the combinations that eventually assist you in becoming a great ninja. Despite being a challenging game, it gains you more rewards than any other game.

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shadow fight-best offline android games


5. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is another best video game that comes with a mobile version too. The users can play this game via offline mode without any hassle. This game lets you play completely on survival mode wherein you should protect yourself against the enemy mobs via harsh nights. All you need to do is simply placing the blocks, 1 at a go so as to create structures. This sort of gaming will definitely keep the audience engaged with the game for a so long time.

minecraft-best offline android games


Here ends the list! These are some of the best offline Android Games for the year 2017. All those engrossed game players can view the game concept and start playing them offline needless of the internet connection.


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