Top 4 Free Voice Recognition Software

We have been witnessing massive technological advancements all over the world. With the progress in the technology, people are able to make use of a range of products and electronics available in the market. With the evolution of different electronic gadgets, the software developers are emphasizing towards designing and developing unique software programs for all the people across the world. Speech Recognition is one such software program designed by the popular developers so as to ease the users. Voice Recognition is nothing but dictating something to your PC instead of typing it on a keyboard. However, this might not be the latest development but we have been using this technology since ages.

People who make use of voice recognition software ultimately lead many of them into trouble. This is because the speech that the system understands and types on the document turned out messy and disordered with mistakes. In order to rectify those mistakes, people had to follow manual procedures. Thanks to the best voice recognition package emerged into the market and made it available for all the people. Most of the developers have been focussing on bringing out the best speech recognition packages into the market which are truly precise that doesn’t litter typos in the text.

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Most of the recently available Voice Recognition Software programs come equipped with abundant impressive features. We have numerous Voice Recognition Software Programs present in the market that is available absolutely for free of cost showing impeccable performance and functionality in all aspects. If you are pretty confused whilst choosing the best Free Voice Recognition Software then, we are here to assist you in the best possible way. If you are hunting the internet for the best speech recognition software tools, just scroll down through this article. This post is purely for those who are exploring the web for the best Free Voice Recognition Software. Check it out!

1. Dragon Professional Individual v15

Free voice recognition software

Dragon Professional Individual v15 is the best Voice Recognition Software tool available for all the users for free of cost. This is the best package that allows the users to learn about it in-depth. This particular software program is chock-packed with groovy advanced features that include transcription as well. This is an excellent speech recognition software that has the ability to translate the voice into text in an accurate manner. The Dragon Professional Individual v15 software tool is compatible with Windows and Mac device platforms.

Some of the best and unique features available on Dragon Professional Individual v15 software include Voice commands, dictation, transcription and a lot more. This software has been controlling the whole complete hub of software programs with its incredible functionality. Compared to the older versions of this software, this version of Dragon has top-notch capabilities in terms of full dictation. This software offers the ability to give voice commands through which one could easily control their PC. You can get this Dragon Professional Individual v15 software program from Amazon India.

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2. Google Docs Voice Typing

Free voice recognition software

Google Docs Voice Typing is another best Free Voice Recognition Software tool which is compatible with Android, iOS and Google Chrome browsers. Like the previous software program, the Google Docs Voice Typing is also available completely for free of cost. The users of this tool need not have to pay a single penny for making use of this app. Some of the best features available on Google Docs Voice Typing include Dictation and document formatting only. This program offers the best accuracy absolutely at no cost. Google, the giant search engine platform has integrated the free speech recognition feature into Google Docs within the word processor of G Suite. One of the powerful features of Google Docs Voice Typing software is that it has the ability to convert the speech into text in an accurate manner. This tool is completely for those who are looking for Speech dictation within the Google Docs.

3. Dragon Anywhere

Free voice recognition software

Dragon Anywhere is a powerful Voice Recognition Software that offers support for Android and iOS platforms. Dragon Anywhere offers the best Dictation feature for all the users. There is an excellent synch with Dragon Professional and Cloud services available on this tool. There is a high-quality speech recognition feature available on Dragon Anywhere software tool. In order to use this tool, the users must and should have a decent internet connection. The dictation feature of this tool is just constrained to the Dragon Anywhere software program. There is no possibility of dictating the text in another application.

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4. Braina Pro

free voice recognition software

Braina Pro is another best free to use Voice Recognition Software program available for all the users of Windows. This program is compatible with different versions of Windows ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10. Braina Pro is a powerful digital assistant that offers the best features for all the users. Some of the features include the ability to give voice commands, AI assistant, dictation and Android app for the remote control of the PC. It is not just a dictation tool but it works as the best digital assistant for all the users. To say it, in short, Braina Pro is a kind of virtual brain to your device. This tool is compatible with dictation to various 3rd party software programs. It supports more than 90 languages. There are numerous wonderful voice recognition competencies available on Braina Pro.

That’s all! Here ends the list of the best Free Voice Recognition Software tools or programs available for all the users to convert voice to text on your PC.

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