How to fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country error on Youtube?

Youtube!!! Youtube, a product by search engine giant Google has a huge database of videos. Not a day goes without opening youtube to a large extent of people. Videos on youtube are uploaded by users from different countries. You might have encountered this error ” This Video is Not Available in Your Country” once in a while you are browsing through videos. This error happens due to the limitations set by the user who uploaded the videos.

A huge number of videos are being uploaded daily on youtube from various countries. The user can set restrict the videos to certain countries. Some videos are regulated by the internet service providers as per guidelines from the government of the country. Youtube identifies our country and geo-location tracking the IP address of our device. In this way, Youtube blocks us from watching those videos.

As the saying goes “Where there is a will, there is a way”, if you have an urge to watch the blocked videos, then there are solutions available to bypass the blocking.

Possible solutions to fix the error “This Video is Not Available in Your Country” are listed below. Detailed solutions will be provided below.

  • Downloading videos offline
  • Using Browser Extensions
  • Using Free Proxy Sites
  • Using a VPN Service
  • Youtube Url Tricks

FIX “This Video is Not Available in Your Country” Error

Downloading Youtube Videos Offline

Downloading blocked videos is always a better plan. You don’t need to search again, reduces data usage. If it is your favourite video then you can store it on your device.

You can use any third party software to download youtube videos. I will suggest a proved method below to download blocked videos.

Download Blocked Videos from is a website where you can paste the youtube URL and download the video directly.

You can also edit the youtube URL to redirect it to the website.

Add ‘ss’ to the Url before ‘youtube’ in the URL of the blocked video and enter the URL


EG:      –   Blocked Video URL

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Paste and enter the URL into the search bar and press enter to redirect to the website. You can download the video from the website itself.

There are many video websites that are supported by, you can check the websites list on their homepage to know how to download from those websites.


There are many extensions available in browsers to change your location. These extensions change your IP address to some other locations. One of the extensions is Browsec. Add the extension to your browser. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and iOS.

Install Browsec VPN – Free and Unlimited VPN from here.

This video not available in your country

Click on the icon and Click protect me button.

This video not available in your country

You can also change your location to other countries. Only 4 countries are available in the free version. There are many premium servers available for 3.33 dollar per month.

This video not available in your country

Now, blocked video can be accessed on your device from your place itself.


There are many proxy websites available on the web to hide your location. , Proxysite

These are some of the websites to bypass blocked videos, just copy the URL of the youtube video and paste it on the website. It works like a charm and your wished videos are unblocked.

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VPN Service

There are many VPN apps available on every os. Depending on the platform you are using you can install the apps and change your location. VPN is a virtual private network. It receives the requests from your apps and sends the request from their servers from another location.

This way usage VPN service unblocks the content and solves the error “This video not available in your country”.

DroidVPN for Android – Play Store Link

Hotspot Sheild – Windows



  • URL is
  • Remove “/watch?v= ” from the URL and replace it with  “/v/”
  • After modification YouTube URL will be
  • Enter the URL and you will be able to play the blocked video in full-screen mode.

That’s all Folks! You can use one or more methods to solve your problem. Please feel free to comment below if you face any issues. Thanks.


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