Android Go-Things you should know


Google announced Android Go in their 2017 developer’s conference, The Google I/O 2017. Android Go is not a new version of Android. It’s a version of Android with better optimizations. Basically, Go is a code name for a project. The project which started of with Youtube Go, which is the lighter version of Youtube app which gives you better optimizations and saves you data and resources.

Android Go Features

Android Go will help you better the performance of the lower end phones which are very popular. Android Go will arrive with Android O update.If you wonder how Google will manage to improve performance on the same hardware, then they are addressing this on three fronts. They are streamlining ways to use fewer data and resources.

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  1. There is a Go configuration available with Android O which the OEM s can opt for if their devices have 1 Gb or lesser ram.
  2. Google Apps will be more optimized for Android Go. For example, Youtube Go will be installed instead of normal Youtube app.
  3. Google Play Store will recommend you Go optimized apps. These apps will have lower resource usage, less data usage, and apps that have a size less than 10 Mb.

Android Go users also can install normal applications from the Google Play Store. This seems to be a great idea to introduce a version of Android basically aimed towards improving the performance of lower-end phones. But I don’t see many mobiles in 2017 that would launch with 1 Gb of ram. OEM s if they want to better the performance of lower-end phones will definitely go with Android Go.

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It is a good move by Google and I really look forward to how the devices perform with Android Go installed on them.

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