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Sun NXT is a video streaming application which helps the user stream/ watch Live TV, Online Movies, TV Shows, Entertainment channels, Kids and Cartoons, Music albums, TV series, Breaking News, News Channels, Comedy Clips, Catch-up, Video on Demand (VOD), Originals, and much more in all four South Indian languages – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. Sun NXT app is owned by Sun TV Network Limited which is one of the leading Media Holders of South India.

Sun NXT App Download

Sun NXT application supports Mobile phones- both Apple and Android, Tablet, The Web, Smart TV and Streaming Devices. Soon after the launch of this application, there were a Million downloads by Android users. This app serves as a dynamic video streaming app, as it mainly focuses on regional languages. Also, this app is available for iOS and Android so you don’t have any problem finding it on the app store. The Video On Demand (VOD) service Apps like Hotstar, Airtel Play, Ditto TV etc have access to all the channels and Sun NXT is a different one on a whole.

Sun NXT has its own, unique video content which cannot be streamed via any other Video On Demand Service App. As the content is not available on any other video streaming app, one has nothing else to do except to login to the app to watch it.

Sun NXT has its own, unique video content which cannot be streamed via any other Video On Demand Service App. As the content is not available on any other video streaming app, one has nothing else to do except to login to the app to watch it.

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Salient Features of Sun NXT Video Streaming App:

  •  Sun NXT app lets the user watch/stream any available video LIVE.
  • This is a specialised regional app and allows the user to discover unique content in his/her regional language.
  • HD Quality: Sun NXT caters a ‘high quality’ video content to its users. There is no compromise in the case of quality.
  • Exclusive Movies, Shows, Web series and video content uploaded on a regular basis. This results in proving fresh and unique content to the users.
  • Recommendations: Sun NXT video streaming app recommends to the user, related stuff and the user can search for relevant stuff.
  • Sun Nxt is a user-friendly app with screen agnostic properties.
  • Multiple Profile Creation: A user can create multiple profiles on Sun NXT app based on the preferences of language, genres, videos, music and sports.
  • Sun Nxt has Internet Bandwidth Adaptability
  • Offline Download: A user can just save any of the videos offline to watch it later.
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Sun NXT App Information

  • Requires Android versions of 4.0.3 and up
  • APK Size is 16.01 MB
  • Current Version 2.0.68
  • Installs 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
  • Updated Last on June 19, 2017
  • Offered By Sun TV Network Limited
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What makes Sun NXT unique from the other Video On Demand Apps?

  1. High-quality video experience: Sun NXT provides to the user, the video content of high quality. As per the limitations of the internet connectivity, Sun Nxt app provides the best video streaming and viewing experience.
  2. A Huge Library: Sun NXT has a huge library of over 4,000 titles, over 40 channels streaming live. There are more things coming up anyways. A fair number of channels is to be added into the Sun Nxt App library.
  3. Regional specifications enable the user to get connected to the specific channels and videos. A user is free to choose the content in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam languages easily through the recommendations.

What else does a viewer look for, on a digital content platform?

Compatibility of Sun NXT App:

Sun NXT app offers to the user, the features like Live TV, online movies, TV shows, TV series, Reality shows, Web series all in own regional languages- Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. HD viewing, program recommendations, multiple profile creation and offline download are the most important features of Sun NXT.
This Video On Demand Application is a user-friendly app and most of the platforms support it.

Various Supported Resolutions for Sun NXT App

The user can adjust the pixels as per the definition and clarity requirements. Suppose the user is in a low network coverage area and still wants to stream the videos via SUN NXT App, he/she can just adjust the pixels to the lowest resolution. Available resolutions for both phone and site are:

  • 1080 Pixels (Full Hd) Useful for watching high movies in high quality, This is useful for those with high-speed internet.
  • 720 Pixels (HD Ready) It is for those with decent internet speed.
  • 360 Pixels Useful for those with slow internet connection
  • 180 Pixels this resolution is useful if you are using old computer and low-speed internet connection.
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As the Sun NXT Application is user-friendly, it is even easier to download the app on Android as well as Apple smartphones, tablets and PC.

How To Download Sun NXT App On Android?

Android Users can download the application from Google play store.
Click Here to download the Sun NXT App on Android device.

How To Download Sun NXT App On iOS?

Click Here to download the app on your iOS Device

Fill in the proper credentials soon after downloading the app. Provide with a valid email ID to get registered. Enter your phone number and you will receive an OTP. And, the final step is to choose the plan. Sun NXT charges a minimal amount for the access.

Subscription Charges for Sun NXT App

Sun NXT App charges the user for its premium services after the trial version. The user gets no access to the Sun NXT App without paying the premium charges.
The charges of this Sun NXT app are as follows:

  • 30 DAYS Subscription – Rs 50
  • 90 DAYS Subscription – Rs 130
  • 365 Days Subscription – Rs 480
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