Snapchat Emoji Meanings Explained with emojis

Are you a Snapchat user? If so, you might be aware of the emojis that we usually use on Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging application that allows the users to send instant messages and emojis via individual chats. The core benefit of using Snapchat is to send and receive numerous snaps to and from your loving friends. You can come across a slew of emoji icons just beside the names of your friends present in the Chat tab. In order to circumvent the struggle of typing lengthy messages, you can simply send an appropriate emoji icon. The usage of emoji icons would definitely make your conversations simple and faster as well. Sometimes, the emojis that you see on the Snapchat application will be altered due to the changes made by the developers of this app.

For each and every snap that you send to your friends and colleagues, they send you some emoji icon. Are you totally aware of these Snapchat Emoji Meanings? Do you know the actual meaning behind the Snapchat Emoji? In fact, there is a hidden meaning behind each and every emoji that we often use whilst sending snaps or chatting with your besties. The Snapchat Emoji feature has truly replaced the Best Friends on this picture messaging application. If you are quite inquisitive to know the precise Snapchat Emoji meanings, we are here to help you. These emojis directly reflect the kind of friendship lying between the best friends. Have a glimpse!

What is a Snapchat Emoji?
snapchat emoji meanings

Snapchat is an interesting application that allows the users to track their messaging customs with your friends. You can check your messaging habits with your friends through the individual as well as group conversations. Based on your conversations, the concerned application will assign a specific emoji to their friendship. This will eventually depict the contemporary status of the interaction ranks with your friends and beloved ones. The emoji will change every now and then based on your interaction stage with your friends. If you send and receive messages with your friends in a continuous manner then, the emoji will change from time to time. Similarly, if you put an end to the messages with your friend for some time then, the emoji will disappear totally.

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Snapchat Emoji Meanings Explained

Besides every friend’s name on your Snapchat application, you can see an emoji icon. The emoji indicates or represents the friendship between you two people on the Snapchat application. The emoji has nothing to do with your real life friendship anyway. The Snapchat app shows a total of 6 different emojis beside the name of every friend in your friend’s list. Check out the meaning of each and every Snapchat Emoji present on your Snapchat messaging application. Check it out!

1. Two Pink Hearts  ?

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When you see an emoji with 2 pink hearts beside the name of your friend then, it indicates that he/she is your best friend on Snapchat. For about a total of 2 months in a row, that friend is your bestie.

2. Yellow Heart  ?

If in case, your Snapchat emoji changes to Yellow Heart then, it indicates that you are not snapping anyone in the recent times. If in case, you are not sending any kind of snaps to your friends since a long time and started to send them now then, you can see the Yellow Heart. If you are their #1 best friend and if they are your #1 best friend then, you can see the yellow heart.

3. Red Heart  ❤️

If the yellow heart changes to the red heart to your BFF then, the emoji will stay for a total of 2 weeks.

4. Smiling Face with Eyes Smiling  ?

If this emoji showing smiling eyes and rosy cheeks then, it represents that they are one among your best friends. It means that they are not actually your number 1 best friend but lies in the same list.

5. Grimacing Face  ?

If you see the emoji showing a grimacing face then you can see a smiley face showing teeth. This particular emoji says that your #1 best friend is their number on a best friend too.

6. Sparkles  ✨

If you get this emoji beside any of your friends on Snapchat then, it says that you are sending snaps to multiple friends in a group. You can see this sparkle emoji on Snapchat and it helps the people to identify the friends you are including in the group conversations.

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7. Baby  ?

When you get a baby emoji beside your friend’s name then, it represents that he/she is your new friend whom you have added recently.

8. Sunglasses Face  ?

If you come across a Snapchat emoji with a sunglass-wearing smiley face then, it indicates that one of your closest friends is one of their BF’s too.

9. Fire  ?

If you are a hyperactive person on the Snapchat application then, you will get to see this burning fire beside the name of one of your friends. It, in turn, says that you are on a Snapstreak. If you continue to stay super active on Snapchat then, the Snapstreak number would go high keeping you in the top position.

10. Birthday Cake  ?

If you see a birthday cake next to your friend’s name, it indicates that it is your friend’s birthday. It all depends on the precise birthday date provided by your friend on Snapchat at the time of filling the profile.

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That’s all! These are some of the most frequently used Snapchat Emojis and their meanings. Hope you have understood the complete meaning of each and every emoji that you usually come across next to your friend’s names.


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