Showbox Alternatives | Best Apps Like Showbox for Android Device

Showbox is one of the prevalent apps for all the Android device users that allow the users to stream their preferred movies, TV shows, and a lot more content. The Showbox app is completely free of charge so that you can easily download it anytime using the APK file. This is because Showbox is not an official Android application and so it is not present on the Google Play Store app store marketplace. However, the users can still download and stream their loving movies and other music tracks for free using Showbox app. In this post, we have come up with a complete detailed guide about Showbox for Android. Have a look!

Showbox App for Android

Showbox is an incredible movie streaming app that lets the users watch their desired movies, videos and much more. Showbox is not the only app available on the web for streaming movies. Besides Showbox, there are several applications allowing the users watch various movies and TV shows. Sometimes, we might get errors while watching movies on this Showbox app. You can use alternatives to Showbox movie streaming app. If you are quite interested in watching movies and videos on your Android device, here are some Showbox alternatives.

Usually, people navigate to the Google Play Store so as to download Showbox app on their Android device. In fact, Showbox app is not available on the play store as it is an unofficial application. Despite unavailability, the users can easily download this app using the APK file provided below in this post. The users can download and install Showbox app using the Showbox APK installer. Usually, the APK files are the install packages used by most of the app developers. The developers make use of these packages across various operating systems. There is some risk for the users if they install apps from some unknown sources other than the official Play Store.

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Key Features of Showbox for Android

Showbox app provides myriad of features for all the users who are seeking to watch their loving shows and movies on their Android device.

  • Showbox is an excellent Android application that lets you watch different genres of movies, TV shows and a lot more.
  • This app allows the users to download or simply watch it on their Android device.
  • You can find various options like the server, VLC player, and Subtitles.
  • This app shows the resolution of specific video or movie so the that you can choose your preferred resolution.

Best Showbox Alternatives for Android

In this post, we have come up with the best alternatives for Showbox application. Have a look!

1. Moviebox

Moviebox is one of the best alternatives for Showbox app that lets users stream their desired content for free. Like Showbox app, you can easily download this app onto your Android device. You can stream content at various qualities that include 360 p, 480 p, 720 p and high definition picture quality. Unlike Showbox app, Moviebox app is available for iOS device platform i.e., for iPad and iPhone devices. On this app, there is a huge database of movies and music. You can watch latest and old movies absolutely for free of cost.

2. Crackle

Crackle is another best Showbox app alternative that has a massive collection of TV shows, movies, music albums and much more. On this app, we have an amazing feature that lets you create a watchlist. On this watchlist feature, you can place the movies that you wish to watch later on your Android device. Crackle app is also available for Android and iPhone or iPad device platforms. As of now, there are millions of active users for this Crackle app.

3. Hulu

Hulu is the best Showbox alternative that has a massive database of TV shows and movies. Besides the database, the users can also create watchlist so that you can watch your preferred movies sometime later. This app allows users to watch movies absolutely for free on this app. This app lets the users stream various movies so that you can watch them on TV, mobile device or some other external device.

4. Sky HD

Sky HD is another best alternative for Showbox app. This app originally developed by HD Cinema app. This app intended for the movie lovers that offer a simple to use user interface. The users can easily navigate through this app with much ease without any hassle. There is no limit on watching movies using this Sky HD app. You can watch or stream unlimited movies and TV shows in HD quality.

5. Playbox HD

One of the best alternatives to Showbox app is Playbox HD app. This app is compatible with Android and iOS device platforms. Playbox HD is the best source for entertainment that lets you watch various movies, TV shows and much more. Besides this, the users can watch HD quality movies on this Playbox HD app.

These are the best alternatives for Showbox movie streaming app on your Android device.


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