What is Ping of Death? How to use Ping of Death?

Ping of Death is a kind of attack that people confront in some consequences. People often refer pong of death as a denial of service attack. In short, we can refer the denial of service attack as DoS. By sending an IP packet in a massive size that the actual size by an attacker, this denial of service attack comes into the picture. If the IP Protocol provides permission in transferring the IP Packet having the size more than 65536 then, Ping of death arises. The Ping of death attack comprises of a common type of attack on their PC i.e., sending a malicious ping to a computer. In fact, the precise ping packet comes with a size of 56 bytes. If you consider the Internet Protocol then, the size of ping packer might change to 64 bytes.

In some cases, the IPv4 comprising of numerous pings comes in a large size of about 65535 bytes. There are few PCs that are not actually designed in a perfect way so that becomes incapable of handling a ping packet which is bigger than the actual or maximum size of a packet. This is because it breaks the Internet Protocol. Similar to the remaining heavily and well-designed packets, ping of death will be fragmented into a group of 8 octets prior to the transmission. Whenever the target PC rebuilds the malicious packet, a sudden buffer overflow might cause that eventually directs to a system crash. This, in turn, lets the injection of malicious code to show its impact on the packet. In this article, we have come up with an in-depth tutorial about Ping of death, Procedure to execute the Ping of Death Attack and a lot more. Check it out!

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What is Ping of Death?

Ping of Death is a type of computer attack wherein a ping packet turns out to become malicious. This will make the denial of service attack by transferring the malformed ping packets to the target IP address. If the ping continues to remain then, it ultimately leads to the buffer overflow on the recipient’s PC or computer. The target system will be crashed due to the Ping of death computer attack. Ping of Death – How this attack takes place?
Each computer differs from one device to other in terms of the working condition and other aspects.

All the computers in the market couldn’t be capable of handling the larger size of the data than the actual fixed size. Whenever a packet attacked by the ping of death is sent from a source PC to the target device then, the Ping packet will eventually become fragmented into minute groups of packets. Each fragment of this ping packet will have a size of 8 octets. Once the ping packets reach the target’s device, it will become into fragments. The computer on which the ping packets have arrived will reassemble all the fragmented or malformed ping packets.

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When the chunks of ping packet are assembled on the target PC, it then gives rise to overflow on the end computer and the buffer overflow arises, this will eventually lead to the system crash. When the system crashes, it turns out the device much vulnerable to the attacks. If the PC or the computer is attacked by the ping of death then, it becomes much susceptible to the attacks. The owner of the target computer will witness more and more attacks such as trojan horse injection and a lot more. This is how the people experience ping of death on their personal devices.

How to Perform Ping of Death [DoS Attack]?

One of the easiest ways to perform Ping of Death is by making use of CMD. We have provided a detailed tutorial in carrying out the ping of death attack or Denial of Service attack in this post. By making use of the command prompt or CMD, you can perform Ping of Death attack. Check out the simple steps provided here:

  • First of all, you need to open Notepad.
  • You need to copy the below text on Notepad.
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ping <IP Address> -l 65500 -w 1 -n 1
goto :loop

  • You must replace <IP Address> with an actual IP address.
  • Save this command on the notepad with any of your preferred names.
  • On the saved notepad icon, you must right click on it and tap on rename option.
  • Modify the extention from .txt to .bat.
  • Just double click on that notepad file after renaming it.
  • You can then see a command prompt functioning with a slew of pings.

ping of death

Note that this command might not work on all types of computers. Hope you have got a basic idea and the complete procedure of how the ping of death attack causes on a system. We have provided the process of attacking a target computer using ping of death attack in this post. However, this is just for educational purpose. Never make use of it for illegal practices.


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