Best Picasa Alternatives- Photo Sharing Apps

Photo sharing apps allow the users to edit various photos with much ease. On the web, there are a lot of photo editing apps that lets you add different filters for free. Among numerous apps, Picasa is the prevalent photo editings and sharing application available for all the iOS and Mac OS users. Picasa is the most popular alternatives to Picasa that allows all the users to edit, organize and share their desired photos and pictures with much ease. Google, the giant search engine platform has designed and developed Picasa app for all the users.

When you download and launch the Picasa app for the first time, this app quickly explores your device for all the photos and pictures available and places them at one location. It lists out some of the screenshots that you capture using the print screen button available on your Windows device. There is an excellent feature available on Picasa namely Geotag that allows the users to geotag and share the photos. For the beginners, Picasa editor is the best application that allows the users to crop adjust the exposure and convert the photos to black and white. The Picasa app allows the users to share photos having a size of 1GB free storage space online.

You can share the photos with your friends and family members with much ease.  You might consider Picasa as the best app but the free version is available for the users with limited features. Apart from the Picasa application, there is innumerable Photo editing app available on the web. If you are looking for the best Picasa alternatives for your device, we have come up with a list of the best of them. Check out the compiled list of the 5 best Picasa alternatives for all the users who are looking to use them on their Windows PC and Laptop. In this post, we have provided a list of the best Picasa Alternatives that are compatible with different platforms. Have a look!

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1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

It is one of the best Picasa alternatives that let the users organize all their photos into their albums in the best way. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the free to use photo editing app available on the web for all the users. Some of the photo editing features in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is pretty identical to the Picasa app.

2. Windows Live Photo Gallery

Microsoft, the most popular software firm has designed and developed Windows Live Photo Gallery app for all the Windows Users. The users can easily edit, share and organize different photos using the features on this app. The users can easily tag their faces in different pictures without any hassle. Unlike other apps, you cannot find facial recognition feature available on Windows Live Photo Gallery. You can make various changes to your photos that include cropping, saturation, straightening, red eye and a lot more. Using Windows Live Photo Gallery, you can quickly share your photos with much ease.

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3. Lyn

Lyn is another best photo editing app available for all the users across the web. This app is compatible with all versions of Windows PC and Laptop. It is absolutely free to use tool available for all the people who are quite interested in making changes to their photos.

4. AppleAperture

AppleAperture is another best Picasa alternative that allows the users to add photos in a manual way. You can make several edits such as adding brightness and sharpen your photo using different tools. There are several image optimization tools available on the AppleAperture application available on the web. This has an easy to use user interface so that the users can make use of all the features available on this app in a great way.

5. Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best Picasa alternative applications designed and developed by Google. Through this app, you can easily swap between the two. There are certainly some of the beneficial aspects available on Google Photos. Google Photos app comes co-related with different Google services such as Google Drive. The users need not have to create an account for using this app. Google Photos is available for all the users absolutely for free of cost. You can find numerous standard editing options available on Google Photos app. This app comes in support with different RAW files. This app has an easy to use interface that lets you navigate through the app without any hassle.

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6. Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio is another best alternative to Picasa photo sharing and editing application. If you not a use of Windows then, you can go for Zoner Photo Studio app. This app is not available for free of cost. This tool is available to use it as a free trial for about 30 days. There are two different paid versions for Zoner Photo Studio tool. One is the home version and the other is Pro version. The Zoner Photo Studio Home version is available for the users at just $45 and the Pro version is available at $65. The users can execute the setup process with much ease. This tool lets you download and edit the photos all at one place with much ease. You can find much more advanced features on this tool that you may not find in Picasa app.

That’s all! Here ends the list of the best Picasa Alternatives for editing and sharing your desired photos in the best possible way.


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