Learn how to use Whatsapp as a Search Engine?


Whatsapp is the most prominent instant messaging chat application being used by millions of people all over the world. Facebook-owned Whatsapp serves the purpose of communication with family and friends.


Whatsapp bot has been created in Whatsapp that perform actions like a Search Engine. It is just a trick which is not officially associated with Whatsapp in any manner. It is a type of virtual assistant with automatic replies to the queries with information on the go. With Whatsapp Bot, one can get news, quotes, trains info, cricket info etc.

NOTE: Do note that Whatsapp Bot only works with Indian Numbers.

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How to activate Whatsapp Bot on your device?

Follow the below steps to enjoy Whatsapp Bot and its services.

  • Create a contact with the name of your choice and add the number – +91-7397682861.
  • Open Whatsapp, create a group, add the Whatsapp Bot contact to the group.
  • Now you can add your friends and family to the group to enjoy Whatsapp search Bot.

Codes to use in Whatsapp Bot

  • Type Wiki SEARCHTERM and send to Whatsapp Bot group to get Wikipedia Information.
  • Send +DICT WORD to know the meaning of a word.
  • Send +GK to the group to play a GK quiz.
  192.168.l.254 IP Address : Default Router Admin & Login Password

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These kind of bots are prevalent common on the internet. Most of them are for a spamming purpose only. I would advise you to use this bot as I found it legitimate. These bots are automated and already scripted with various responses to serve us better. Nowadays Artificial Intelligence has been under action, most of the chatbots also use Artificial Intelligence to provide better results for our queries.

Share your experiences with Whatsapp Bot and let us know in the comments if you found it useful.


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