Learn How to view web pages offline in Chrome Android


While browsing the internet, sometimes you may feel to save the articles you read for sometime later. At times, you may have run into network issues while reading the article. people have been using various websites to pin the articles they like and want to save it for later. Google has announced a new feature to save web pages offline and check it later on Chrome Android.

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View web pages offline in Chrome for Android

You need to have a recent version of Chrome to view web pages offline in Chrome. Update your app to the latest version.

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Follow the below steps to save web pages for offline viewing on Chrome for Android.

  • Open Chrome on your Android mobile. Find the link for the webpage you want to download. Long press on the link, a menu pops out with options. Click on Download link. 

view webpages offline in chrome

If it is your first time to download files via Chrome, Chrome will ask for storage permissions. Allow access to Chrome.

If you see an error page saying you are offline while you are accessing a web page, Click on Download Page Later. Chrome will download the page for you when you are connected to the Internet.

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view webpages offline in chrome

Chrome also suggests articles for you based on your previous browsing in the New tab page of Chrome Android. You can also download the articles same as web pages to read the articles later offline. This serves you when you are in a remote area with no network connection or in a flight to read articles of your interest.

view webpages offline in chrome

Coming to accessing these downloaded web pages, Chrome has made it simple to access the downloaded pages. Click on the New tab and scroll down to see Downloads. Every link downloaded will be saved here and can be accessed easily.

view webpages offline in chrome

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View web pages offline in Chrome

Chrome has made it too simple to save the articles or links you want to view later far different from other applications. Having all the new essential features included natively in Chrome is a good option to save more time. Do comment your thoughts below and share your feedback after using the feature.


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