Learn How to increase your mobile speed?

Mobile speed has become most important these days. Even if the rated speed of the mobile is high, sometimes you will see your phone lagging while processing. If you see your smartphone running slow, here are some tips that might increase your Smartphone processing spend and run it smoothly.

Live Wallpaper

You are wrong if you feel that your wallpaper doesn’t have a part in slowing down things in your smartphone. Mobiles with low ram and low processing speeds struggle a lot with animating wallpapers in action. They use more ram and steps down the mobile speed. So it is advisable to use minimal wallpapers that are simple.

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Default Launcher

Every smartphone is equipped with a customized launcher of their own showing its features. It is better to use launchers with low animations and launchers having minimal ram usage. Launchers like Google Now, Nova etc. are available in Google play store.

Default Browser

Smartphones have a default browser in place to serve your browsing purpose. Nowadays Chrome is being installed directly from manufacturers. Default browsers don’t have more optimisations to speed up things in the browser. Apps like Chrome, Firefox are specially made to take user experience to top level. Ram optimisations will be better in Chrome, Firefox. Opera mobile browser is also a better option. Browsers are coming up with features like blocking popup, inbuild adblockers that speed up your browsing experience.

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Syncing is a great option in the smartphone that syncs data with applications and keeps sending notifications automatically. Syncing also slows down the smartphone. Syncing enables applications to run in the background. Syncing over mobile data slows down the phone rapidly. So, it is better to enable sync option only over wifi.

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Also, there are many other applications like Facebook that are of more size and uses more data, ram. They kill the speed of the mobile drastically. You can prefer to use Facebook Lite application which of less size having almost same features in the Facebook application.

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