Learn the History of Qwerty Keyboard


QWERTY keyboard is very family to us and has been a passive crucial part in our daily social life. It is acceptible that every one of us somewhere thought that why the keyboard is QWERTY not ABCDEF. There is history for everything.Now we will dive into the history of QWERTY keyboard.

History of QWERTY Keyboard

QWERTY history ages back to 19th century.  In 1867,  Christopher Sholes filed a patent application for his early writing machine he developed with the assistance of his friends. The first machine developed by him is a piano-like keyboard with characters arranged in two rows in alphabetical manner.

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Sholes tried in the next five years struggling to perfect his invention with many rearrangements being made. With the feedback of telegraph operators, they arrived at a keyboard approaching modern QWERTY keyboard. In 1878, they have arrived at modern qwerty keyboard layout.


There is a myth that qwerty keyboard is designed to slow down the typist, but what the truth is it increases the typing speed by preventing jams. It is also evidently proved that keys used frequently when placed farther apart increases the typing speed encouraging to use hands alternatively. There is also another story that it was made for telegraph operators as will easy down their task.

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If you ever wonder why the keys on the keyboard are placed diagonally not vertically, this is due to the mechanical linkages of the keys, each key is attached to a lever so the offset prevents the levers from running into each other.

There are other types of keyboard layouts also to try. Comment your thoughts below. Thank you.


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