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Are you a Kodi user? If so, you might be aware of the benefits and the working procedure of Kodi software on your device. Streaming videos via online portals have turned out to become immensely popular all over the world among the users. It uses much of your internet data even if you stream the content for a less span of time. Kodi is the best streaming application that streams Live TV on your device with much ease. Kodi is undoubtedly a powerful tool that lets the users watch Live TV on your beloved Android phone at a great ease. To be precise, Kodi isn’t intended for watching the channels of Television through the Internet websites. In fact, the Kodi tool lets the users watch their desired content through over-the-air (OTA) channels.

If you are using a perfect hardware and compatible plugins then, the addition of OTA TV to the fundamental user interface of Kodi is just like a cake walk. If you are using Android TV, there is a possibility that the users can watch the Live TV with much ease. As there is an integrated Live TV within the Android TV, the users can stream Live TV on their Android device. But, if you are a huge adorer of Kodi and seeking to have everything within the user interface of Kodi then, we are here to guide you on the right path. In this post, we have provided the simple steps that allow the users to enable Live TV on Kodi media player software tool. Check it out!

Kodi – Stream Live TV on Android

Television is the best source of entertainment that remains the viewers for a long time stuck to it. People usually watch TV so as to keep them entertained all the time without diverting their mind towards bad ideas or thoughts. Apart from the Television, we have numerous entertaining sources on the web. Some of them include Torrents, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and a lot more. Despite having numerous online streaming websites on the internet, none of them have the ability in surpassing the prominence of Television across the world. When speaking about the Live Shows, people often prefer watching TV instead of using online streaming websites.

All the real-time events that take place on the Television can be witnessed without any hassle. There are few Kodi users who don’t wish to make bulk payments for their TV Cable connection. If you make use of Kodi software, it becomes quite comfortable for the people to stream Live TV on your Android device. If you are not completely aware of the procedure for enabling Live TV on Kodi then, we are here to help you in the best way. In this article, we have used a HDHomeRun Connect tuner in order to explain the process of enabling Live TV on Kodi. The procedure which we are going to explain in this post will be similar for the remaining PVR hardware. Before heading towards streaming Live TV on Kodi, you need to set up some hardware in the first place. Follow the easy steps that allow the users to enable Live TV on Kodi.

  • First of all, you need to tap on the option that says ‘add-ons’ that appears on the sidebar of Kodi.
  • Navigate to the ‘My add-ons’ option displayed in the sidebar.
  • You need to choose the option i.e., PV Clients.
  • From the huge list of options, you need to choose the corresponding PVR Client that works perfectly with your hardware.
  • After choosing the precise PVR Client, you need to click on Install option.
  • Later, you need to return back to the home screen and hit the option TV from the menu in the sidebar of the app.
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That’s it! This is the easy procedure to enable Live TV on Kodi. This will eventually allow you to stream your preferred Live TV content for free on your Android device. This setup procedure is pretty simple and persistent.

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How Kodi Stream Live TV Works on Android?

Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application intended for the entertainment lovers. Soon after enabling Live TV on Kodi, you will be able to watch your desired Live show in real-time without any struggle. Once you enable Live TV on Kodi, the major user interface of Kodi pulls all the available channels on it. The interface of Kodi is extremely easy to navigate. You don’t have to struggle much for using this app on your device. Once you navigate to the TV section in Kodi, it will pop up all the channels listed out on the left side of the screen. You can view all the shows that are streams right then. In order to see additional channels, you can simply scroll down the page. There is an additional well-ordered TV guide available on Kodi that lets you view each and everything about the list of shows that will stream on the TV channels.

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If you are looking forward to knowing some tips and tricks in watching Kodi Stream Live TV on Android, just post your comments in the feedback section provided below.


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