How to use Google Allo on Windows & Mac?

Google Allo, Launched by Google a year back to compete with established instant messaging applications like Messenger and Whatsapp. Google along with allo¬†launched Google Duo as a video calling application which is an instant hit. Although allo is good enough with features like Self Destructive messages, Huge Stickers, Smart Reply etc. Google Assistant is the major feature I liked about the app, which was inbuilt for pixel phones. One thing Allo lacks is it doesn’t have the web client like Whatsapp or Facebook back in the beginning. Google recently added a web version of the allo app to access allo on the PC. If you are someone who is disappointed with Allo not having a desktop client, Here is how to use Google Allo on Windows and Mac.

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Here are a few things to note before you proceed:

  • Google Allo Web version is not a standalone app on your Windows or Mac, that means it cannot be installed as an app just like Google Chrome etc. Google Allo web app runs on chrome only
  • You need to connect your Android Phone to the PC just like Whatsapp Web Version. It Won’t run in the browser without a connection with allo app on the device. This supports only Android devices only. However, support for iPhones is coming up.
  • It runs only on Chrome Browser. If you are using any other browser, Go ahead and Download Google Chrome Offline Installer.
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How to use Google Allo on Windows and Mac?

As it runs on the Chrome web browser, the procedure will be same for both Windows and Mac users. Follow Below steps to use Google allow on the web

How to use Google allo on windows

  • Open Google Allo app on your mobile, Find Allow for Web in the Menu and Tap on it.

Google Allo App

  • Tap on SCAN QR CODE¬† and scan the QR code on the allo web page with your camera.

google allo scan qr codeThat’s it, you are connected now. You can have a seamless web experience of Allo App.

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Having a web version of chat applications is beneficial, so we don’t need to lookout for your phone when you are at work on PC. You can connect it and Get the work done simultaneously.

Feel free to contact me if you find anything difficult and comment below if you have anything to add.


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