How to Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues?


It is very troublesome and irritating if our access to the internet suddenly stops if there is a sudden break off your connection. Below are the ways to figure out and troubleshoot the problems.

If you experience problems with your connection, before proceeding to the below actions check out the physical connections. Ethernet cable might have come out of socket accidentally, or your router might have powered off.


If you have issues with your connection, the first option you should consider is using the ping command in Command Prompt. Start Command Prompt on the computer, use command ping before website name.

Eg. ping 

ping command prompt

The ping command sends packets of data to the server, the web server responds to each packet we sent. If you observe the screenshot there is 0% packet loss, this indicates that network is working fine but if you see the time taken it is a bit more, it may be on the website side, if you find a late response on multiple websites, it indicates a network issue on your side.

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If you see a packet loss, it indicates there is a connectivity issue. It means that web server didn’t respond to the packets you have sent. If you find this on many websites, it may be due to problems on your network eg. router problem etc.

It is important to note that some websites won’t responds to pings Eg: ping

Specific Website Issue

If you are not able to access a specific website but ping is working properly, there may be an issue on their server. You can check the website status whether it is working properly or not on this website dubbed Down for everyone or just me

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This tool checks whether the website is down or it is not working only for you. In the image below you can see that the website is good, this tells you that there is an issue on your network.


In the below image, you can see that the website is not up, the problem is on the web server.

If you find that the problem is on the website, you can;t do anything rather than waiting for the problems to be the fixed by the website administrators.

Issue with One Computer

If you experience connectivity problems with one of the computers in your network. it is probably due to a software problem on the computer. The problem might be caused by a virus or malware or specific web browser.

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Install an antivirus and scan for the malware. Check out firewall access for the software applications. Try out different browsers to check for problems with the browser.


Most of the times you the problems you experience will be on the other side by someone else. You can’t fix them yourself. You should wait for your Internet Service Provider or websites to fix them. You can always call your internet service providers if you are experiencing problems. They can tell you if it is only your problem or other’s problem too.



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