How To Remove Password Protection From PDF?

Do you often receive monthly bank statements through Emails? If you have ever opened it, you might not be capable of viewing the complete statement unless and until you knew the password of it. Most of the popular companies and other nationalized banks send password protected files to the people who have accounts in their banks. We often receive different bank statements, confidential information, credit card statements and other market contract data through password protected files. Whenever you receive these files, you can witness that the files are in PDF format. In such a case, you should definitely know the password for accessing the file.

As the data present within the file is extremely confidential, the officials will protect the content in it with a strong password. The users or the account holders will only have the ability or access for opening such PDF protected files. As it is a password protected file, text in it doesn’t provide search access to the drive. Apart from this, each PDF file sent by the officials of the specific organization will be protected with a different password. It’s quite difficult for the users to memorize the password. Truly, it is a challenging task for any individual to open the file by thinking of the password.

Moreover, it is a time-consuming process and takes much of your struggle to find out the password of the PDF file. In such a situation, removing the password protection from a PDF file is the only solution. In this post, we have provided a list of the best ways or solutions that help the users to remove the password protection from PDF file. We have included a detailed step by step procedure for removing the password protection. Check out the ways listed below.

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How To Remove Password Protection From PDF – Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a paid application available for all the users on the web. Using this app, you can easily remove the password protection from a PDF file. You don’t have to struggle much as this is an official way of removing password protection from PDF file. This is a unique program which is quite different from the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Viewer available for free. The users can operate this Adobe Acrobat Pro software program as a free trial version for about a week. If the PDF file has some sort of printing impediments, this Adobe Acrobat Pro works perfectly without any hassle. However, using this trick, you can’t use the print option in other applications.

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Follow the simple steps provided below to remove password protection from PDF file:

  • First of all, open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • You need to provide the password for viewing it.
  • Just tap on the icon that says ‘Permission Details’.
  • You can then click on File >> Properties >> tap on Security tab. Under the Password Security drop-down menu, you need to choose ‘No Security’ option and hit Ok button.
  • Once again click on File >> Save in order to save the changes that you have made on this window.
  • Immediately, close the window by tapping the cross icon. You will then get a prompt message saying whether to save the changes to the PDF file before closing or not.
  • Click on Yes and the password gets removed successfully from the actual PDF file.

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How To Remove Password Protection From PDF-Using Print to PDF Trick

This is a simple yet powerful method that aids the users in removing the password from a PDF file without any effort. By opening the PDF file and printing it to a new PDF file, you can easily remove the password and access it with much ease. When you implement this procedure, your PC will generate a duplicate copy of the PDF file. Once you do so, the duplicate copy of the file doesn’t require a password to read it or access it. This technique works perfectly only if the PDF doesn’t have any kind of printing limitations.

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Most of the PDF files we come across in our emails are totally password-protected. They are just protected with a password in order to render encryption. So, it is quite easy in printing it to PDF in a normal way.Based on the device platform, this process of removing the password protection from a PDF file varies. You can carry out this procedure on your Windows, Mac OS, Google Chrome or other platforms. Open the PDF document Follow the steps provided below to remove password protection from a PDF file:

  • First of all, open PDF document and give the required password.
  • Tap the Print button on the PDF toolbar at the time of viewing the password-protected document.
  • Below the Destination tab, hit the Change button and click on ‘Save as PDF’.
  • After saving the changes, the PDF comprises of the same content just like the original PDF file. So, the PDF file can be opened without entering any password.

These are the easy techniques that allow the users to remove password protection from PDF file.


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