How to Find in page or search for text in mobile browser?

If you want to find a text or word in a page, it is pretty simple in desktop browsers, but this feature is almost invisible on mobile phones.

On Desktop, clicking CTRL+F opens a search box to find the text on that web page.  Type your keyword in the box to get the search results of the document. In mobiles, this is quite different as mobile operating system lacks a keyboard and interface. Due to this Find in page option or search for text option is not visible as other features and it is out of sight.

Chrome(Android, IOS)

Fire up Chrome on your mobile.Open any web page or desired web page. Open the menu by tapping the three verticle dots in the top right corner of the application. In the menu, click on Find in Page. A search box appears. Type the word you want to find in page. Chrome will find all the results of that keyword in the page highlighted in yellow color. There is also a bar to the right showing frequency of the word. Scroll down to quickly access the word in the page.

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How to print a page  on Chrome Android?

To print a web page or image or any file with Chrome on Android, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Open Chrome on your android.
  2. Load the page you want to print. On the top right click on menu button(three vertical dots).
  3. In the menu options , tap on Share.

find in page chrome android

  1. Select Print
  2. In the next page , select a printer already added and connected with the device. If you haven’t added any printer add a printer now.
  3. You can change printer settings if you want and when ready tap Print.

You can also download the pages and save them as pdf. Follow the above steps upto 6, in the next page select Save AS PDF.

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Please comment below if you have anything to add. Do mention any other tricks or hidden features in the comments section.


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