How To Embed A YouTube Video In PowerPoint?

In the highly advanced technological world, the usage of smart phones has become quite popular. Most of the people across the world have been using Android smart phones as it offers amazing features and apps. Android is one of the best mobile operating systems wherein we have an app store in it. Google play store is the best market place that allows the users download their preferred apps for free. YouTube is the best video sharing website that allows the users watch their desired content online. You can find innumerable videos, movies, tutorials and much more stuff. Have you ever watched YouTube on your TV? It might be quite astonished upon looking at this statement of watching YouTube on TV.

YouTube is a large hub of videos and other media content available for free of cost. You can find each and every video on YouTube available in different regions all over the world. There is a possibility of watching different videos on your TV and other devices too. The users who are pretty much interested in watching their preferred videos and movies on the big screen can make use of various sources. All you need to have is a good internet connection. You can then stream any kind of video at a high speed with the best quality. Have you ever thought of embedding a YouTube Video? By embedding a YouTube video, you can easily acquire access to the video right within your PPT.

PowerPoint is the best presentation software program that lets you make a variety of presentations either professionally or for other activities. Make sure that the video remained same or available on the official YouTube website till the completion of your presentation. In this post, we have come up with a step-by-step guide that lets the users embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint. There are numerous possible ways that allow the interested folks to embed a video from YouTube onto PowerPoint Presentations. Follow the detailed guide on how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. Have a look!

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Things Required to Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint

When you are planning to showcase a product before the audience, you need to tell everything about the product. There is a method for designing every single product, the actual concept behind the development and a lot more. In order to explain all these things in detail, an individual must show it on screen in the form of presentation. The list of potentials that are needed to guide or entertain the spectators is perpetual. In order to operate the YouTube videos in PowerPoint, you need to require the following things:

  • HTML Code from YouTube that lets you embed the video in your PowerPoint Presentation.
  • A Decent Speed Internet Connection [Live] for the PPT
  • Basics of playing the video on screen

Procedure to Obtain HTML Code for Embedding YouTube Video into PowerPoint

Here are the simple yet detailed steps that help the users to get HTML code so as to embed YouTube video in PowerPoint:

Step 1: Way to Obtain HTML Code

  • First of all, visit the official website of YouTube.
  • You must locate the video that you wish using it in your PPT presentation.
  • Open the video on YouTube and you can see the Video URL link in the address bar of your browser.
  • On the web page, you will find a Share button which is present just below the video.
  • You can then hit the Embed button. Soon after tapping that button, a text box displays on the screen with the HTML Code.
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how to embed a youtube video in powerpoint

  • The HTML Code for that particular video appears in the text box.
  • You can find an option that says ‘Use Old Embed Code [?] next to the text box.
  • Just tick the checkbox for using the embed code.
  • In general, the regular size of a video will be 560 x 315 for selecting it. This is the smallest size for the video.
  • At the time of presentation, the video doesn’t take much time to load if you set the size as mentioned before.
  • In some cases, you need a larger file size for great clarity on the screen.

Step 2: Copy HTML Code for Embedding YouTube Video

  • After finding the embed code, you need to copy the HTML Code.
  • For that, you must select the code from the text box by pressing Ctrl + A and right click on the box.
  • Click on Copy option from the list of options. Otherwise, use the shortcut key i.e., Ctrl + C for copying the code.

Step 3: Video Insertion into PowerPoint

  • After copying the code to the clipboard, you are completely geared up to insert the code on PowerPoint Slide.
  • Click on the required slide. Just tap on the Insert tab of the ribbon.
  • You can then hit the Video button that appears on the right side of the ribbon in Media Section.
  • Select the option ‘Video from Website’ present in the drop down menu.
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Step 4: Paste HTML Code in PowerPoint

  • Now, you must right click in the empty space and click on Paste option.
  • After displaying the code on the screen in the text box, you need to hit the Insert button for applying the code.

Step 5: Resize the Video Placeholder

You can see the YouTube video in the form of a black box on the PowerPoint Slide. It is not the precise size for the PowerPoint Presentation. So, you must resize the video based on your requirement for the PPT.

  • Tap on the video placeholder. Using the minute selection handles, you can resize the video based on your preference.
  • Drage the corner handles for resizing the video.

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Step 6: Test the Video on PPT

  • After the completion of embedding YouTube video on PowerPoint, you must test whether it is working precisely or not.
  • In order to test it, you must press Shift + F5. Immediately, the slideshow will begin starting from the current slide.
  • You need to tap on the Play button in the middle of the video.
  • If the video plays correctly then, you have embedded it in a precise way.

That’s all! This is the detailed procedure to embed the video on YouTube on PowerPoint.


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