How to Disable Write Protection on SD Card?


Did you ever come across write protection error? Most commonly, people come across few errors at the time of accessing the USB or some of the external storage hardware. We often confront the error that says ‘Disk is Write Protected’ at the time of copying files to an external storage device. In such a situation, the PC or computer couldn’t write data to that particular USB Flash Drive. In general, write protection is not a problem but it is intended to secure or safeguard the SD card or USB Storage device from some unauthorized write operations.

In some situations, it might appear as a benefit. But, for some people, it brings great distress due to the incapability of carrying out write operations on the SD Card. Even after exploring the web for the accurate solution, if you didn’t find any then, get assistance from us. You might have totally fed up hunting for the best solution to this error. As you have landed on this web page, trust us, you would definitely obtain the precise solution. In this post, we have gathered the best ways to disable the write protection error on your SD card or Pen drive. Take a look!

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Major Causes of Write Protection Error

Most of the people often confront the Write Protected error whilst copying some files. Is there any reason behind the occurrence of this error? Yes, there is a cause behind the write protected error. Check out few reasons behind the cause of the error at the time of copying files into the external storage device. Check it out!

  • You sometimes get this error because of the software problem.
  • At the time of working on a device, it abruptly encounters unexpected modifications.
  • If you unplug the USB drive or some external storage incorrectly, you will certainly come across this issue.
  • Another main reason is due to the sudden attack of virus which in turn disturb the USB device’s protection policies.

Methods to Disable Write Protection Error on SD Card
Here are the easy methods that aid the users to disable the write protected error on your USB Drive or SD Card.

1. Antivirus Protection

In some situations, the virus might affect the USB Drive. Some of the vulnerable viruses that show the massive impact on the device include trojans. Due to the virus, the USB drive couldn’t be used to read or write. In order to disable the write protection error on the SD Card, you must make sure that your device is protected with the best antivirus. Most commonly, USB drives are pretty adaptable to viruses. So, while using a micro SD Card, firstly, place it within an adapter and then endeavor to slide the switch.

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2. Check User Account Settings

In some cases, your device won’t provide consent to access specific storage device. This could be another reason for the users as they are unable to write on USB Drive. In order to overcome this issue, we suggest you make few user account settings. In the settings, you must obtain write privileges in order to access the user account. In order to check the user account settings, follow the steps provided here.

  • Initially, navigate to Properties of USB Storage Drive (or Removable Disk).
  • Immediately, a new window displays on the screen showing the Removable Disk properties.
  • On that window, you need to hit the Security tab.
  • Within the list of permissions, you must ensure whether the Write feature has a ‘tick’ mark beside it or not. If not, allow the write access and hit the OK button.

3. Running out of Space

Not often but in some consequences, the USB Storage devices might have a malware in the SD card. It could be possible that the file you are seeking to copy is of greater size than the actual space available on the SD card or the external storage device. So, in order to check whether your storage device has adequate storage space or not, you need to check it on Properties.

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4. Format USB Drive

Even after implementing the aforementioned methods you still come across this error, the best solution is to format the disk. You can easily format the USB Drive and get through the write protection error on SD card. Just check out the steps provided below and format the USB drive or external storage.

  • First of all, you must connect the USB Drive to your computer.
  • Navigate to the Start button on your device and search for Control Panel.
  • Click on Administrative Tools >> Computer Management.
  • You can then choose the option that says ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Immediately, a new window will open. You can then choose ‘Disk Management’ option.
  • It will eventually display all the storage devices connected to the PC. You must pick the accurate USB drive and click on it.
  • From the list of options, you need to click on ‘Format’ option.
  • Choose the File System based on your preference. There will be a default allocation unit size.
  • Finally, hit OK button and you can find that the USB Drive is formatted cleanly.

These are some of the easy methods that help the users to disable Write protection error on SD Card.

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