How to Clear Facebook Search History?


Facebook is undoubtedly the best social media websites on the internet. In the current generation, people have been utilizing the services rendered by Facebook for all the folks. Facebook is the best platform wherein people can carry out a slew of tasks without any risk. Some of the tasks include communicating through individual and group messages, sharing photos, and other media content. In addition to this, the users can easily post their views and viewpoint on some issue on their timeline. Making comments, likes, saving the videos, links, posts, and lot more are a part of Facebook activities. People have a facility of uploading some of their photos on their timeline and tag their friends. Any sort of emotion can be best carried through the Facebook symbols and emoticons. This makes the communication between two people or a group of people in an exciting way.

People have become completely accustomed to all these things on Facebook in their day to day life. Well, let’s get into the actual topic related to the title. Have you understood the meaning of this post’s title? Facebook Search History is something that comprises of our every minute activity taking part on this social media platform. The Facebook Search History sometimes help the people in recalling some things that happened in their life. Some others don’t wish to get back into their painful past by viewing the Facebook History. If you are fine even if the search history on Facebook is present like before. The problem arises when people don’t wish to maintain their search history. This article is actually posted specifically intended for such folks. Here is how to clear Facebook Search History in a simple way!

Search History on Facebook

Facebook is quite prevalent among the people all over the world. We need not have to introduce Facebook to you in the first place. So, we are directly hovering towards the actual information you have been searching for across the web. On Facebook, you can find a plenty of options, tasks, and other stuff. All those might not be beneficial for all the people. Let me explain this topic by giving some instance. Suppose, you have a best friend during your school days till matriculation. Soon after the completion, your best friend’s family shifted to other state or country due to some issues. You both friends split up and walked your own alternate ways.

Each of you has settled in your life and some day, when recalling the past memories, you remember your best pal. All you know about the friend is his/her name [Full name] and the school you both have studied. You have a great craving to meet your friend anyway. But, is it possible to encounter at any point of time in your life. The answer is yes. Through Facebook, you can easily search for your friend through some details. Using the surname of your friend, you can search for him on the Facebook Search field. So, you might have understood the purpose of the search field on Facebook. All the things for which you search on Facebook Search will be stored automatically in the search history.

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On the activity log, you can view the history of all the activities you have carried out on Facebook. If you are looking for some ways to clear the Facebook Search History and the activity log, we are here to assist you in the best way. As Facebook maintains a record of each and every task you do on it, it provided you a facility of clearing it too. Here is a detailed yet simple guide to clean up the entire list of history from Facebook.

How to clear Facebook Search History?

Check the simple steps provided below that aids the users to delete or permanently clear the entire search history on social media platform.

  • First of all, login to your Facebook account on your PC or mobile phone.
  • On the top left corner of the account, you can see the Search Field.
  • Just tap on that empty space and you will get a list of recent searches that you have searched on Facebook.
  • Just beside the recent searches, you can see the edit button.
    Click on it.
  • You will land on a new web page wherein you can view the entire search history of Facebook.

How to clear facebook search history?

  • You can see both the date, day, time, and person name on the search history.
  • Beside each search name, you can find a couple of symbols.
  • One is Only me and the other is an edit option. In fact, the search history will be visible only to the account holder.
  • There is a possibility of clearing the history either individually or clear all the searches at once.
  • You can even search for the person or the name from the search field at the top of the page.
  • Just by tapping on the ‘Clear Searches’ option, you will see a pop-up window.
  • It asks whether you are sure about clearing the entire Facebook search history.
  • If yes, proceed by clicking Clear Searches. Once if you remove it, you won’t be able to get it back.
  • This way, you can completely remove the Search History from your Facebook profile.
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In a bid to constrain the data, Facebook has built an algorithm in such a way that it collects complete information of the individual’s Facebook activities. If you want to get more privacy, you can simply browse Facebook on ‘Incognito mode’.

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Do you think that Facebook Search History feature is necessary? If you think that Facebook should save each and every activity of an individual, just post your reasons in the below comment field. If no, do mention the reasons for removing this feature completely from Facebook. Place your opinions below in the feedback box and start the discussion on this topic.

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