How To Add Bots To Discord? Step By Step Guide


Discord is a widely popular freeware VoIP application which is specifically designed and intended for gamers. Discord offers the users a free chat service for all the gaming lovers. As of now, a huge number of people across the world have been using Discord to use the best chatting features. It is a free to use all-in-one voice as well as a text chat available for all the gamers. One could access Discord which is absolutely free to use, secure and works on various devices. This app lets you work on your mobile device as well as your PC. The users of Windows Operating System can work on this chat application for free. As of this year, Discord app has more than 45 million user base all over the globe. Discord allows the users to manage the servers on Discord in a simple way.

There is immense popularity for Discord among the users all over the world due to its impressive features. There is a possibility of customizing the Discord server based on your interest. You can easily add extra features to Discord server. Apart from this, Discord renders a provision of adding bots to their servers with much ease. If you are exploring the web for this particular procedure, we are always at your service by providing genuine content for our readers. In this post, we have included a complete information about the process of adding bots to a Discord Server. Check it out!

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Add Bots to Discord Server

The method of adding bots to Discord server is quite simple but it appears as a trickiest method in some cases. There is an innumerable count of Bots available for all the users on Discord program. If you are a beginner in executing the process of adding bots to discord server then, we are here to assist you in the best possible way. Whenever you find a bot, you can simply proceed towards adding bots to Discord server. Follow the detailed step-wise procedure provided on this post that allows the users to add bots to Discord server.

Steps to Add Bots to Discord Server

In this article, we have provided a step-by-step procedure that helps the users to add bots to discord server.

Step 1: Login to your Discord Account

  • First of all, visit the official website of Discord.

Step 2: Obtain Server Consent

  • Before heading towards the addition of bots to discord server, you need to acquire consent from your server.
  • To get the acceptance, you need to navigate to General Permissions on the server.
  • You will find a slew of options on the page.
  • Tick the checkbox of Manage Server option. This means that you have successfully enabled permission from the server.
  • To which server you are seeking to add the bots, get permission from that.
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Step 3: Invite

  • As you are looking forward to adding a bot to the server, you must hunt for the genuine or authorized bot.
  • Go to the official website of Carbonitex. You need to tap on the option that says ‘Add Bot to Server’.
  • If you are thinking of adding a bot to the discord server, you can get the bot from the web portal of Discord Bot.
  • Just tap on the option that says ‘Invite’.
  • The website immediately directs you to a new screen seeking for authorization.

Step 4: Choose a Server

  • Now, you must click on the option that says ‘Select a Server’ from the drop-down menu.
  • If you wish to add a bot to the discord server, you just need to choose the precise server.

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Step 5: Bot Authorization

  • Hit the option that says ‘Authorize’.
  • In just a few moments, the bot will be added to the preferred server.
  • You can then see the bot displayed in the sidebar of the server.
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Step 6: Save Changes

  • Finally, you must click on the option that says ‘Save Changes’ in order to implement what changes you have made to them.
  • If you don’t wish to access different channels, you can simply head over each and every channel and disable the permissions of it from the Channel Settings.

You have successfully completed the process of adding bots to a Discord Server at last. You must go further towards enhancing the server with excellent bots. You can add the bots that are quite beneficial. There are numerous bots available for Discord. You can get through different official Discord websites in order to get the best bots out of the innumerable count.

When you are using a PC, you can easily add a bot to any of the popular Discord servers or channels. You can find the list of the most popular and vital bots available on some websites. We have provided the direct links below wherein you can find the best and popular bot for adding them to discord server.


That’s all! These are the simple steps that allow the users to add a bot to the discord server.


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