Google Chromecast and How it works?

Google Chromecast doesn’t need an introduction, it so much popular. Still, if you are a novice to Google Chromecast, it is a streaming device to stream media and content from your smartphone, computer or tablet to your TV.

Chromecast uses Wifi to beam content on your TV screen. There is also Guest Mode in Chromecast that allows other people to cast your content directly without your wifi password.Chromecast was first launched in 2013. With Major design changes, Chromecast second-gen was launched in 2015.

Google Cast is the protocol that is responsible for casting games and apps from your iOS and Android devices. Google Cast protocol is used in Google Chrome to cast your browser tab or complete desktop screen in desktop operating Systems.

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Google Chromecast

How Chromecast works?

Both Internet-based content and local content can be streamed with Chromecast. When you click cast button in an application, Chromecast receiver gets a signal about the content to be streamed. To stream web-based content Chromecast receiver uses a Chrome like environment.

Your phone battery won’t drain quickly as the videos and songs will be streamed directly from the source on the web. The basic framework of Google Cast protocol comprises a sender and receiver. Chromecast compatible apps on your Android and iOS devices serves as the sender.

Currently, more than 20000 apps are chromecast compatible in the play store where as receiver app is present on devices with built in chromecast features.The new version of Chromecast has just 256 MB of storage onboard. There is no burden on us installing a number of apps on our device.

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Need for Chromecast?

Now that you have known about Chromecast, if you think does you really need it or not, My answer is Yes. If you are a one who loves movie streaming websites and would like to watch more media content, you can buy a chromecast. You can enjoy more on a bigger screen. You can buy Chromecast ultra if you have a 4K resolution TV.

Do let us know your thoughts about Chromecast.


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