Fix System Service Exception Windows 10 Error : [Latest Guide 2018]

If are a facing a blue screen system service exception error( Blue Screen of Death BSOD) shown below, Here are the possible solutions to rectify the error and restore your laptop to normal condition.

It is present in all versions of windows. There may be multiple reasons for this error to happen like driver issues, hard disc problem etc. Try the below-mentioned methods one by one to solve the problem. Let us Fix System Service Exception Windows 10 Error. You may have a different version of this error with some different error codes. You can use the same methods below mentioned.

Fix System Service Exception Windows 10 Error :

Fix System Service Exception Windows 10 Error


Sometimes, your graphics card may be corrupted or outdated. So, download the updated drivers and install them on your laptop. if you don’t know how to do it follow below.

  • Search for DEVICE MANAGER in the search bar.
  • Click on ‘Display Adapters’
  • Right click on your graphics card <Update Driver.
  • Choose the option to search the internet to update the driver, when finished, restart the computer.


If you are using any third party anti-virus, it may be the cause of the error. Antivirus may be outdated or it may be malfunctioning. Remove the antivirus from pc temporarily and see if the error stops. If so try updating the antivirus to the latest version or remove it completely and switch to windows defender.

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There is a default troubleshooter for this BSOD error in windows 10. Search for Troubleshoot in the search bar and open the settings.

Scroll down to see Blue Screen in ” Find and Fix Other Problems”.

Run the troubleshooter and follow the on-screen instructions.

Fix System Service Exception Windows 10 Error

Run Windows Memory Diagnostic tool

Search for Windows Memory Diagnostic tool in the search bar and open the desktop app.

Fix System Service Exception Windows 10 Error

Choose the first option and let your computer restart.


There are may some errors within the os, so install the available windows updates. The issue might be fixed.


Try is running the SFC scan. This is Windows built-in tool for resolving various problems. Here’s how to run the SFC scan in Windows 10:

  1. Open Command Prompt as administrator.
  2. Paste ‘sfc/scannow’
  3. Wait for the process to finish.
  4. Restart your pc.
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It was reported that McAfee antivirus can cause this issue, so try uninstalling the antivirus from your pc.

We will keep you posted on any further updated solutions, please feel free to comment below if you face any issues or you don’t understand anything.


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