Fix Start Menu not working in Windows 10


We all have been using the Windows Operating System for years now. Every once in a while, the Windows operating system is being upgraded to the newer versions. Windows Operating system is used by Millions of users across the world, as it is a user-friendly operating System. The versions of updations are being very helpful too. With each upgrade, this operating system is getting better. One of the recent upgrades to “Windows 10” is currently available. Some of the users who have updated the latest version of Windows 10 aren’t that satisfied with it.

The latest update of the Windows 10 Operating System has its pros and cons. Some of the users of Windows 10 Operating system is having trouble in finding the Start Menu, Start Button malfunction etc. We came up with the troubleshooting steps for the task bar not working issue in one of the previous articles. Now, take a look at how can the issue of Start Menu be solved using simple procedures.

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As soon as we open a computer system, the start button is the first thing that appears. It is the gate way to enter into the other windows of the system. If the Operating system doesn’t allow you to enter into the other windows at the start itself, then it is probably the most irritating thing you face. If the start button itself is not working, then how would the user access his computer system? This problem with Windows 10 Start Button also causes the Search box to freeze. This affects the overall function of the whole Computer system. Here are some effective ways to solve this issue with the Start Button.

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To be precise, there is no specific reason found, for the start button malfunctioning in Windows 10. There are no specific methods to resolve this issue completely also, but the user can retrieve the functioning of the system using some tricks and hacks. Most of the tricks used to resolve the issue of Windows 10 Start Button are a bit complex and based on trial-and-error method.

Fix Start Menu not working in Windows 10

The users who got their Windows 10 updated with the latest version, have been complaining about the issues they are facing with the Start Menu. The Start Menu is not working for many of the Windows 10 users and this is a serious bug. There are inbuilt ways in Windows 10 to fix this problem.

Before you go further I strongly suggest you take backup of your Windows computer by creating the Restore Point.

Method 1:

  • Install the Start Menu Troubleshooter from Microsoft from here
  • Launch the application as shown in the image
  • This tool automatically looks for the Start Menu Problems and tries to Fix the problem.
  • If you the tool can’t find the application then you need to follow the below method.
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Method 2:

  •  Run the Windows Command Prompt with Administrator privileges as shown in the below image.
  • run as admin
  • Try to Run the System File Checker. By typing sfc /scannow (without quotes) into the window and press the [Return] key.As shown in the image.
  • scan cmd
  • It will take a little time for the scan to happen and this scan may give three results. The scan may result in giving you the output quoting like this:
  • Windows did not find any integrity violations and Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them mean there are now no corrupt files, but Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix.
  • Any one of these issues is considered as an issue that disturbs the proper functioning of the system. You need to follow the below steps.
  • Type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth into the PowerShell window first. Now press the [Return] key. This commands will download files from Windows 10 Update. The downloaded files may be useful to replace the corrupt ones which are already existing on the system. This will take a lot of time and the user should wait patiently.

Check now if your problem has been solved or not after restarting your computer. If your problem is not solved then type the below c

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

This will download the windows updates and restore the Start Menu to previous working state.

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Even after this if it is not working then, All you need is to do below step.

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Reinstall all the Apps of Windows:

The existing files and applications may have any malware or corrupted files in the Windows 10 operating system. So, uninstall and downloading of all those apps may replace the corrupt files with bug-free files. This might help the user resolve the issue of Start Menu in Windows 10 Operating System.
The apps are always available from the Windows Store. These apps are all built to support the Windows 10 operating system.

Important Note: The above process of reinstallation is an automatic one and takes time. This process might clear the data on your system. So, it is our advice to backup the data if you feel is important. The data might not be regained after getting automatically deleted.

Another simple method that might help in resolving the Start Menu issues is to Update the Windows 10 Operating System.

  • . Simply go to the ‘Settings’
  • . Select Update & Security.
  • . Click on the Check for Updates button and update the Operating System.

The Windows 10 normally updates automatically, but in case your system is not updated, this might help in enhancing the system’s Start Menu.

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