4 Best Apps To Use Fingerprint Scanner on Android for App Lock

Fingerprint scanners are blazing fast and accurate on android phones now. Within a second, your fingerprint is scanned, your phone is authenticated and unlocked. Fingerprint scanners are a worthy addition to our mobile phones with so much ease and comfort to use.

We have been using password or pin or pattern protection from ages, it feels clumsy now to draw a pattern or enter a password with the fingerprint scanners at the top level.

Here is the list of how to use your fingerprint scanner as an added security and making other functions on the mobile simple.

4 Unique ways to use the Fingerprint Scanner on Android

App Lock


App Lock will be the first in the list when comes to security. We use many apps where privacy is more important. We have been using Applock since many years to protect our privacy in applications like Gallery, Whatsapp, Messages etc. With the quick revolution of fingerprint scanners in almost every smartphone in today’s tech world, protecting apps has been simple. You don’t need a password or pattern every time you enter an application, with just a tap on the sensor, the app will be unlocked.

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Applock by KeepSafe makes it pretty simple when you open the app toggle the fingerprint option, select a pattern or passcode. Usage access should be provided to the app. Once done, enable the Applock for the preferred applications.

With one tap, the apps will be unlocked right away. Applock by Keepsafe is a simple to use app locker featuring several lock options. Applock can protect your apps proactively.

Download App Lock 

Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera


Dactyl -Fingerprint camera enables you to use the fingerprint sensor to take photos with your favorite camera apps. You can use your fingerprint as a shutter button in almost any camera application. You will need to enable accessibility access for the app.

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Some devices are not supported by the application. It works well in devices with the fingerprint scanner on the back like Nexus, Le Eco, Pixel etc. It may not be supported in devices with the fingerprint scanner on the front like MI5, Samsung S7 etc.

Download Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera

Fingerprint Quick Action


Fingerprint Quick Action enables us to perform quick actions via tap/swipe on the fingerprint sensor.

You need to enable accessibility access for the app initially. After done, you can define actions for Single tap, double tap, and fast swipe.

Quick actions involve put to sleep, take a screenshot, show recent apps, show power menu etc.

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All its features work well on devices with the fingerprint scanner on the back.

Download Fingerprint Quick Action

Solo Photo


If you ever felt weird to hand over the phone to your friends or other to show one photo, but finally ended up in showing the entire gallery, Solo Photo will come to your aid in the situation. Solo Photo enables us to show the only selected photo you want and locks down everything else. You will stay discrete by showing only the selected photos and the gallery will be password protected.

Download Solo Photo

Privacy should be our main concern. I recommend you to protect applications with sensitive information with the suggested applications.


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