Find if Your Phone Number is Blocked or Not


The telephone is marked as one of the greatest inventions by the mankind. Telephone or a phone allows communication when being far away from each other ( as far as the voices cannot be heard directly). Telecommunication is nothing but the conversion of sound waves into electronic signals and sends it to the other end via cables or transmission media. Ever since Graham Bell invented the telephone, it has evolved so much. The mankind has reached to an era when the usage of telecommunication has become one of the biggest essential in day-to-day activity.

We all carry cell phones or mobiles with us and the entry of smartphones into the telecom the industry is a huge revolution. You need to have basic phone/ mobile phone to stay connected to the other people. We all use phones for communication and a medium stay informed about the happenings.

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Although the cell phones and mobiles have a number of advantages, they also carry disadvantages. we are prone to cyberbullying, hacking, annoying messages, wrong calls etc. The first step we can do to avoid such nonsense is to “BLOCK” the source. We can just block the phone number from which we receive annoying messages, spam calls etc. To complain or take a severe action is normally the next step to avoid such unnecessary things.

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Most of the landline and cell phone services provide to their customers with access to block a phone number. If you suspect that anyone has intentionally or unintentionally blocked you (Your Phone Number), you can check it and make sure even without direct interaction with the person.

Before going to learn about how to know if someone has blocked you, there is a need to note one point. That is, the person has all the rights to block your number even intentionally and you have no right to find fault with the decision to do so.

You can make sure if your number is blocked by any individual but, you need to learn to always respect their decision to block your phone number. Here are the steps you can follow to know if a person has blocked you. First of all, you need to solve things between the other people peacefully without going to that extent that you get blocked by them. But, in case there comes a time when you suspect that your phone number has been blocked, do the following which requires a detective mind and a little patience.

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Few Steps to Know if your Phone Number Blocked or Not

Step 1:

Call to your friend whom you suspect that has blocked your phone number. Simply wait until you hear a few rings. If the phone rings and is unanswered, your friend might be just ignoring your calls without actually blocking. But, if you get to hear a single ring or no ring at all, then there are chances that he/she has blocked your phone number. You may also get to hear voicemail the message such as “The caller is not accepting calls right now.

Step 2:

Immediately call to your friend whom you suspect has blocked you, from another phone number. If it rings/ the person answers to that call, then it is half-sure that he/she has blocked you.

Step 3:

Try talking to one of your mutual friends who can ask the person if he/she has blocked your phone number. This will be the credible thing to do if you want to know it manually if a person has blocked you.

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Apple Phone users get a special feature to block the unwanted calls or messages. Here is how you can come to know if an apple user has blocked you.

If you were blocked from an iPhone’s blocking feature, your call gets redirected to the voicemail automatically after you hear a ring of half-ring. For the other services, it also depends on upon the teleservice provider. You may get to hear a generic message “The subscriber you are trying to reach is not available at this time” or something similar. Anyways, we advise you not to jump into simple conclusions before you get the information confirmed with the other sources too.

Although you get to know that you are blocked by a particular person, you need not react in anguish. There is a need to respect someone’s decision not to stay in touch or to stay disconnected. Hope this article serves your purpose of visit.

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