Elgato Download to capture Gameplay on Windows

Elgato Game Capture is a device to record your gameplay in HD. If you are a game lover and hardcore gamer, you might want to record your gameplay and upload it to Youtube or other websites. Most of the gamers do this thing to improve their skills and share with friends. Elgato Game Capture does the work with more ease. You don’t need to record the gameplay anymore with cameras or screen captures. Elgato has come to our aid. It’s just a device that will record the game play in HD.

You need to buy Elgato Game Capture device. It allows recording your gameplay at 1080p and 30 frames per second. Once you have the device and necessary components to connect to the PC, it’s time to download the Elgato software.

Elgato Download for PC

Fire up any web browser on your PC/Laptop/Mac to download the software. Visit the official website and download the software.

elgato download

Link – Elgato software

It requires Windows 10 or later for the software to be installed. You can also download previous versions of the software from the page itself. Once the software is installed, you need to connect your Elgato device to the PC. Plug in the USB cable to the computer and the Elgato device. But you will get an error as No signal unless you plug in the HDMI cable. Set up the software from the PC. In the settings, you can choose the preferred input device.

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Elgato Direct Download

Elgato Game Capture can be downloaded directly here for Windows 10.

Link – Elgato Download

Do enjoy your experience with Elgato Game Capture recording gameplay. You will have two options with a microphone while recording. You can use an external microphone or a Headset to record the audio while capturing the gameplay.

Do share your experience with Elgato game capture in the comments below.


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