Download Discord App for Windows

Discord is one of the most lightweight apps. It’s low latency and it uses minimal CPU that they say they have, they actually have.To Download Discord app Learn more about it from here.

Discord is a social and voice comm platform for gamers that is totally free. I am gonna say upfront that I like this. If you are thinking why are we landing up here, I will explain you how. Back in the stone age when we were still using dial-up modems to connect to this new fangled invention called the Internet, if we needed to communicate during a game all we had was a chat window. That was frustratingly slow, especially for action games.

download discord app

Then came voice comm, the first voice comm program I ever tried was Roger Wilco which my friends and I used while we played the original Baldur’s Gate back in the day. Keep this in mind this was still in dial-up modem era, so bandwidth was low and more importantly Roger Wilco wasn’t server based, instead worked peer to peer. In other words, when someone talked their audio data was sent separately to every other person in the conference.

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This solution didn’t scale. It was working for 4 people, when the fifth one is added, it went wonky. One hilarious problem we have encountered is a long delay. We were looking for an alternative. Then comes into action server-based solutions such as Ventrilo and TeamSpeak.

Server based are better options because all data went to a server and there will be no problem in scaling up the number of people in the conference. Audio compression codecs improved well offering much better sound quality at a reduced bandwidth. One downside to this model is you have to pay a company monthly fee to host the server. Also as these applications grew in power, they also tended to grow in complexity getting the level set so that voice activation works properly.

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Discord app replaces the above both needs. Discord app allows any user to create his or her own server in seconds easily. On each server, you can add as many text channels and voice channels as you want. In a text channel, you can pin messages, paste images and video links that are instantly processed, use emojis and all the stuff you would expect from a social app.

How to Download Discord App and Use for Chatting?

To enter a voice channel you just select it. There is almost no setup needed for audio. The app auto calibrates for voice activation or you can use push to talk if you want. Audio quality is excellent and you can have the app duck your game audio down when someone is talking if you wish. Inviting people to your server is easy. Originally the only way to invite someone was to create an invitation link and then send it to that person with a direct message which you can still do. But now there is a direct way to invite a friend to a channel.

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You can also create as many servers as you like if one is not enough for you and server locations can be chosen. So you minimisemize your ping and you can change your server located in a few seconds.

You can get the app for your phone and other devices as well, so when there is a last minute change of plans for the game night everyone will find out instantly.

The best thing about this app is it is totally free. You can signup and use all these features without paying anything at all. In fact, at this point, the service seems to have no monetization whatsoever.The creators of discord app have said that monetization will come later but that will be just for new cosmetic features.

If you have a group of gamers that need to communicate, I would highly recommend you check this app out. The company behind it has made many improvements and bug fixes in the short time I have been using it and seems committed to providing a best-in-class product.

Discord app is available for windows, android, mac, iOS, Linux.

Download Discord App for Windows

  • Open any browser on your computer.
  • Go to
  • On the homepage, you will get to see two options namely, Download for Windows and open discord in your browser.
  • Click on Download for Windows.
  • DiscordSetup.exe file will be downloaded. Open the executable file to install Discord app on your Windows computer
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Discord App for Android

  • On your Android device, open up any browser.
  • Go to the Downloads section of
  • Scroll down and click on Download in section Download for Android.
  • You will be redirected to Google Play Store click on Install.

Alternatively, you can search for Discord and install it directly from Google Play Store.

Google Play Store Link – Discordapp

Direct Apk : Discordapp apk

Discord app for Mac

  • On your Mac, open up any browser.
  • Go to the Downloads section of
  • Scroll down and click on Download in section Download for Mac
  • Discord.dmg will be downloaded and can be installed on your Mac

Discord app for iOS

  • On your ios device, open up any browser.
  • Go to the Downloads section of
  • Scroll down and click on Download in section Download for ios.
  • You will be redirected to apple’s iTunes store and you can install.

iTunes link – Discordapp for iOS

Discord app for Linux

  • On your Linux Computer, open up any browser.
  • Go to the Downloads section of
  • Scroll down, select the type of file you want to download i.e. deb or tar.gz and click on Download in section Download for Linux.
  • discord package will be downloaded and can be installed via command prompt or software package manager.

This is how you can download the Discord app on your Windows computer and enjoy chatting with your friends while gaming.


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