Know the Difference: Firmware vs Driver vs Software


We come across daily with different terms like firmware, driver, software while working with our Pc. Is there any difference? Of course, there is, the core difference between the three is the purpose of their design. Firmware can be simply stated as software for your hardware. Driver connects software with hardware. The software provides best possible ways to use hardware.

Lets’s Learn Firmware vs Driver vs and Software

The Firmware:

One Example of firmware is When you buy a new laptop or computer without any os installed, you need to install new OS through BIOS. So, the laptop needs to be functional to install OS(Operating System) on it. Firmware gives life to the hardware to make further changes and use it in many possible ways. Your hardware is useless unless there is a firmware.

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Firmware programs are embedded in the ROM(Read Only Memory) itself and don’t require updates frequently. Firmware is nothing but a computer program written for the smooth functioning of an operating system installed on the hardware.

Firmware is not limited to laptop or PC, it also found on devices like mobiles, USB drives, remote controllers, gaming consoles, automobiles and other control systems.

The first thing we come across when the laptop is powered on is BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) or UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). Firmware calls the bootloader to run the Operating System onto the RAM ( Random Access Memory).

The Driver:

Driver in a computer does the same work that a driver of a car does. A driver drives a car or bike, In the same manner, a driver in a computer drives the hardware of the computer. It acts as a bridge between the hardware and the software.

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If you see the hardware components in the computer like graphic cards, touchpad, network adapters, these components are manufactured by different companies and are used in the computer. So, the components need drivers to run those components effectively. You also might have noticed if your system is slow or graphics is not running good, you are advised to check if all the drivers are updated.

Drivers deal directly with the hardware components of the computer, so it requires a lot of care and attention in the development of drivers. If something goes wrong with the driver, the total system may crash.

In recent developments, Microsoft tried to limit the dependency of external drivers by installing universal device drivers.

The Software:

Alan Turing is the first person to coin the term Software. there is no physical appearance of software like hardware. The software is a set of code written in a language understandable to the computer to achieve the target work. If we need to search over the internet, we open any browser which is a software. Driver in a computer is also a type of software.

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The operating system we run on the computer is also a software, it creates space to install other software. The software is sort of broad stuff System Software, Application Software. System Software is vital for system operations.

The type of software that we use daily in normal life is Application Software. Applications like Word, Chrome, Pdf reader etc are application software that solves our needs.

Finally, Software is set of programs that solve real life problems. They are designed to do some application in a computer.

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