How to Delete Files Permanently in Windows?

When we delete files on windows, all the deleted files will be stored in Recycle Bin unless we clear the recycle bin. Deleted files still occupy the space on the hard disk. Once deleted in case you want to restore the files later, you can restore the files in Recycle Bin folder. So you need to clear the recycle bin to free up space.

If you are lazy to clear the recycle bin frequently, you do have the option to delete files permanently without sending to the recycle bin. The conventional way of this action is to use SHIFT + Delete to delete files permanently.

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If you don’t want the files to be stored in recycle bin, you have an option to delete files automatically without sending to recycle bin.

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How to Delete Files in Windows Permanently?

I tried this on windows 8, it will work on other newer versions of windows also.

  • On your Desktop, Right click on Recycle Bin Icon
  • Select Properties

  • Select the drive for the one you want to delete the files permanently.
  • After selecting, check the button  Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted under Settings for selected location.
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  • Save the settings by clicking Apply and click Ok to save and exit Recycle Bin properties.

Do make note that you need to select each individual drive for which you want the files to delete permanently without sending to Recycle Bin.

How to Display delete confirmation dialog in Windows?

As visible in the above image, you can have confirmation dialogue to confirm the operation. Here is how to enable it.

If you want to get notified about the deletion of files check the Display Delete Confirmation Dialogue. You will see a confirmation dialogue asking you if you really want to permanently delete the files.

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Now, every time you delete file windows will ask you before deleting. You can also set this for the files to go to the recycle bin folder.

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