Cool Uber Tricks You Should Know about

Uber has been the most prominent transport system since its launch in 2009. It has grown exponentially to top the rank in most of the regions with few exceptions. Since its inception, according to recent reports its has crossed 5 Billion trips all around the world. Uber is available in most of the popular cities in the world. There are a lot of features in Uber application that most of the users are not familiar with. In this guide, I will share with you cool uber tricks you should try to make your experience better. Getting familiar with those un noticeable features makes you take full advantage of the platform. Let’s get started.

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Uber tricks: See your Rating in Uber

Almost everyone who once had a ride with Uber knows about rating the rider based on their experience. But everyone doesn’t know that drivers also rate their riders on the trip experience. Drivers with rating less than the threshold will be off the Uber camp. Similarly, riders with low ratings are blocked temporarily or permanently by Uber.

uber tricks

To know your rating, Open Uber app Slide from the left to open up menu or tap on the three horizontal lines to open the menu. In slide out panel, you can see your rating below your name. Do note that you need to complete multiple trips for your rating to show up. Uber doesn’t show your rating for the first ride itself.

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Uber Tricks: Booking Ride for Someone Else

You can always book a ride for someone else from your account, but most of the times drivers end up calling you if you if they have any trouble finding the rider. So Uber officially rolled out the feature to book ride for someone else with their contact submitted.

Grant permission to Uber app to access your contacts. Fire up the app and fill up the Where to box. By default, the pickup point will be your location. You need to change it to the location of someone to ride. Once Uber detects the pickup point is far away from your GPS location, Uber will ask you if the ride’s for you or someone else. Just pick up Someone else. On the next page, type in the name of the rider and select that particular contact. The mode of payment will be cash for Indian riders.

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uber tricks

uber tricks

There are more features to the list uber tricks, we will update soon. Keep looking. Try out the tricks and share your feedback in the comments below.

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