Chrome: Incognito Mode Vs Guest Mode [Learn]

Google Chrome for desktop serves us with different modes to protect your privacy like Guest mode and Incognito mode. Lets us learn today a small difference between these two modes, Knowing the difference will make us take one little step to protect privacy.  :-P.

Difference Between Incognito Mode vs Guest Mode

Incognito Mode:

Google Chrome incognito Mode

Almost every chrome user is aware of incognito mode, you can use incognito mode to stop chrome from saving a record of your data like history, cookies, passwords etc. Incognito mode enables us to browse the web privately. Chrome won’t save the sites you visit.

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If you feel that you are anonymous in an incognito mode, you are wrong. Incognito mode can’t prevent other sources from saving your activities in the browser. The following might be possible to save your data even in incognito mode:

  • Your Internet service provider can see the sites you visited.
  • If you are using an office computer or in a college, the administration can see your activity.
  • The websites you visit can see who you are like IP address etc.

Files you have downloaded in incognito mode are saved to your computer, those who use the computer does haves access to them.

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Guest Mode:

Guest Browsing Chrome

If you need to give access to your chrome to your friends, family or others and want to keep your information private, you can let them browse in chrome in guest mode.

When someone uses chrome in guest mode, none of their activities are stored in the browser and they can’t see or change the admin account data.

Guest mode and incognito mode are both temporary browsing modes.

There is a difference between two modes, in guest mode no browsing history, cookies are saved whereas in incognito mode you can see the bookmarks, autofill data, passwords etc.

Hope you have learnt this and found useful, Please share with others.

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