Best Text Editors for Mac 2018 : Top 5 Text Editor Apps for Mac OS X


Text Editors are one of the most used software by any pc user. Text editors serve as note-taking applications at a minimum level to powerful code editors. Notepad in Windows, Text Edit in Mac Os serves the basic purpose of text editing. Third party editors are equipped with more features with better colours, formatting etc. There are many powerful text editors for programming purpose with powerful code compiling abilities. If you are a Mac user looking for the best text editors for Mac Os, Here is the list of best text editors for Mac Os with beneficial features listed of individual editors.

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  • It is free and Open-Source Software, initially created by Adobe, currently running on Github.
  • Written in HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT aimed at Web Development. Cross-Platform featured.
  • Brackets has an elegant interface and unique feature to extract from PSD files.
  • Quick Edit, Inline Editing, Colour Property, Live Preview available. Live Preview enables put code instantly to the web browser updating live changes in the web page.
  • Supports massive library of extensions being grown every day provides a great handful of features.

best text editors for mac



  • Sublime text is an extremely popular text editor offering the best interface. It is a paid app for Mac Os.
  • Offers evaluation period enabling to use for unlimited time for free with limited features.
  • Offers shortcuts for almost every feature of the software.
  • Different themes, distraction-free mode, quick navigation, cross-platform support.
  • Fast Search Engine Support.
  • Advanced customisation with plugins support.
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best text editors for mac



  • Free and Open Source text editor
  • Can be used both as a plain text editor and source code editor.
  • Supports many languages with use of plugins.
  • Huge library of user-submitted packages.
  • Key Features include code folding, multi-selection, fuzzy search etc. and much more.

best text editors for mac



  • Available for Mac,iPad and iPhone devices too.
  • Supports on the go editing with cloud syncing easy to switch over to ipads or iPhones for editing.
  • Supports a large number of coding languages for easy formatting.

best text editors for mac



  • Paid software offering a free trial for 15 to 30 days. Developed by IDM computer solutions.
  • Supports a wide variety of programming languages.
  • Automation via macros and scripts, Syntax Highlighting, Column editing, File sorting and other features.
  • UltraEdit has functionality for comparing files, file encryption and decryption, remote editing via FTP, and project management.
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best text editors for mac


There are many other text editors available in the Apple software market which serve as great text editors. Dive into deep coding with the versatile features of the best text editors for Mac Os.



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