Automate your Android with these Best Tasker Profiles

Android is an innovative mobile platform that allows the smartphone users carry out various tasks with a great ease. We all know that there are lakhs of apps available on Android’s Google Play Store app store marketplace. We can find Android apps in a range of genres or categories. Based on the requirement of the user, people usually download and install different Android apps on their mobile phone. Among innumerable applications, Tasker is an innovative application. Are you aware of Tasker? If not, we are here to explain you about Tasker in a detailed manner. Tasker is the most popular automation app or tool available for all the Android users. There is a great comfort of using this app on your Android device. To say it truly, Tasker has drastically changed the viewpoint of the users in regard to the Android devices.

By making use of Tasker app, the users acquire the ability to automate each and everything present on Android platform. Due to the immense adaptability that we can witness on Tasker, the users of Tasker app utilize the excellent features and functionality available on this automation application. Tasker app is not available for free of cost. However, the price of Tasker app is pretty inexpensive so that all the people can purchase it at a less price. Once you start using this app, you can find innumerable advanced features on Tasker app. It is a worthy application so that you can spend at least $ 2.99 for downloading Tasker automation app. Tasker Profiles are the triggered tasks that are composed of a lineup of actions.

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All the tasks that you usually carry out on your Android device will be automated at one point of time by using Tasker Profiles. Once the device fulfills all your necessities using Tasker Profiles, the users can use them in the best way. What actually are the actions that can be executed by using Tasker Profiles? This is the most common question that we come across the people who are not using this app. For such folks, this article is the best wherein you can find complete info in-depth about the best Tasker Profiles. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best Tasker Profiles that lets you do some activities in an automatic way. Check the list here!

1. Start Music Player When Headphones are Plugged in

Once you plug in your headphones to your Android device, the device will start the music player automatically. For that, you need to follow the below steps:

  • At first, create a profile with your credentials.
  • Some of the essential details include the selection of the State and pick the Hardware as well.
  • You need to toggle the option of Headset Plugged to ON under the settings.
  • You can create a new task and give a name to it. You can then Launch the Application.
  • Select your desired music application.

2. Night Mode

During the night, this particular tasker profile will turn on automatically. All you need to do is turn off Wi-Fi and activate your device to Silent mode. By turning on your device to night mode tasker profile, you can easily save the battery power to a slight extent. For this, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Go to Profiles >> hit the + sign >> You need to select the time for your night mode >> Add new task and give a name you to it based on your preference.
  • Turn on the Silent mode and go to task once again. Turn off the Wi-Fi.

3. Battery Saving Mode

At times, your device will be running with a low battery. In such a case, there is a possibility of saving the battery by turning on the battery save mode on your device. If the Android device’s battery is low, the Tasker will automatically toggle the battery saver mode button to On. For that, follow the below steps:

  • Profile >> Power >> Battery Level >> You need to set the level of the battery to your preferred range i.e., starting from 0 to 20.
  • Later, create a new task on this app and choose net, turn off Bluetooth option on your device.
  • You must off the auto sync mode, Wi-Fi, and Mobile data as well on your Android device.
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4. Shake the Device to Turn on Flash Light

For this, you need to download the best Android application of Flashlight. We suggest you to download Tesla LED Flashlight on your Android phone. Now, head over the detailed steps provided below to turn on the flash light whenever required just by shaking the device.

  • First of all, go to Profile in Tasker app.
  • Just tap on the option that says Event.
  • You need to click on Sensor and hit the Shake option.
  • You must select your preference for the options like duration, sensitivity, and axis.
  • Now, create a new task by tapping on the + icon.
  • Hit the Display option and click on System lock.
  • If you are in the dark, you can simply shake your device that turns on the flash light automatically.

These are some of the best Tasker Profiles. However, there are innumerable Tasker profiles. But, we have mentioned the topmost and beneficial Tasker Profiles for all the Android device users.

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