How to Auto Delete Facebook account after Death


What will happen to your Facebook account after your demise ?????? This excites you right. We are way too more social now a days, as death is inevitable, our close connection may feel difficult with our memories after we pass away. It will be painful for someone who loved you get notifications about your birthday notifications, memories etc.

So, let’s prepare our account for after death.

Many of us don’t know what will happen to our account after our death. So let’s look into the mystery.

Facebook provides you with two options to handle your account after your death.

  • Legacy Contact
  • Permanent Deletion
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Steps to Choose a Legacy Contact :

  • Log-in to your Facebook Account.
  • Click the down-arrow on the top bar.

  • Click Settings in the Dropdown Menu.
  • Click Security Tab.
  • Click Legacy Contact.

You can choose a family member or friend to manage your account after your death. They will have access to update your profile picture and cover photo, pin posts on your timeline, respond to friend requests. Don’t worry they won’t get a hand on your messages. They can’t post as you.

He/She will notified after our account is memorialised. If you want you can send a message to the legacy contact.

Remove Facebook Account after Death:

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If you don’t want your Facebook account live after your death you can choose the Request account deletion option.

A popup will show you to confirm your decision. Click on Delete After Death button.

This will delete everything related to your account, once verified person notifies about your death.

Do check the links below how to notify Facebook in case of death of someone related to you. Needs a proof of Death.

For Memorialisation request

In case of Special Request

For Memorialised Accounts :

On successful verification of your death your account will be memorialised. Let’s take a look what will happen to your account after it is memorialised.

  • The word Remembering will be shown next to theyour name on your profile.
  • Photos shared with your friends will stay on Facebook and visible to otheres.
  • If there is no legacy contact your account can’t be modified.
  • If you are a solo admin to a page, it will be removed and will nt be shown to public.
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So, have a legacy contact and njoy facebooking from hell or heaven ­čśŤ

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